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Derek Jeter's Sad Ending

While it is undeniable that Jeters farewell is a big deal and he is a surefire Hall of Famer and one of the best Yankees ever. But it is still puzzling why the Yankees have not budged in its desire to give Jeter full control instead of trying to field a better team.

Predicting the 2014 ALDS - Baltimore Orioles vs Detroit Tigers

In one corner is the Detroit Tigers who have made the ALCS for three straight years while in the other is the Baltimore Orioles who defied all preseason expectations to win the AL East. We predict the winner. Read More

Which MLB Teams Exceeded Expectations in 2014?

How did each MLB team perform vs pre-season expectations? We take a look at how each teams regular season win total compares to Vegas sportsbooks win totals. Read More

National League Wild Card Prediction

The 2014 MLB playoffs are now here and the first part of the story is the wild card which in the National League sees the San Francisco Giants face the Pittsburgh Pirates. We preview and predict. Read More

Using Run Differential To Eliminate Teams From 2014 World Series Contention

Run differential is a solid indicator of future performance in baseball. We decided to take a look at how accurate it is at predicting the eventual World Series finalists. Read More

American League Wild Card Prediction

The 2014 MLB playoffs are now here and the first part of the story is the wild card which in the American League sees the Kansas City Royals face the Oakland Athletics. We preview and predict. Read More

Optimal Week 4 FanDuel Lineup

Looking for a team in Week 4 for FanDuel? We got you covered as we crunch all the numbers to give you a team worth starting this week in your FanDuel games. Read More

NFL Picks - Against The Spread - Week 4

The NFL Pick Em battle enters its fourth week where we pick 3 NFL games against the spread. Inside find the top 3 picks against the spread for Week 4 of the 2014 NFL season from two of the sites writers and the two cofounders of the site. Read More

NFL Week 4 Picks Using the Golden Rules

Using the Golden Rules of betting NFL games against the spread our Bob Sullivan takes a look at Week 4 of the 2014 NFL season to highlight five games and teams to watch this week. Read More

Key Stats for NFL Week 4 Matchups: Avoiding the Dreaded 1-3 Hole

Its Week 4 of the NFL season and even though there is plenty a football to be played every team in the NFL knows that there is a huge difference between being 2-2 or 1-3 through your first four games. Read More

NFL Week 5 Matchups
VIKINGS   Vikings At Packers   PACKERS
RAVENS   Ravens At Colts   COLTS
BILLS   Bills At Lions   LIONS
STEELERS   Steelers At Jaguars   JAGUARS
BUCCANEERS   Buccaneers At Saints   SAINTS
FALCONS   Falcons At Giants   GIANTS
RAMS   Rams At Eagles   EAGLES
BEARS   Bears At Panthers   PANTHERS
BROWNS   Browns At Titans   TITANS
TEXANS   Texans At Cowboys   COWBOYS
CARDINALS   Cardinals At Broncos   BRONCOS
JETS   Jets At Chargers   CHARGERS
CHIEFS   Chiefs At 49ers   49ERS
BENGALS   Bengals At Patriots   PATRIOTS
SEAHAWKS   Seahawks At Redskins   REDSKINS

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