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Projecting 2014-15 NHL Standings

Advanced statistics in hockey have taken a significant step into the spotlight. Using these advances including puck possession we detail how teams will perform based on their underlying advanced statistics including Fenwick and Corsi.

Optimal Week 9 FanDuel Lineup

Looking for a team in Week 9 for FanDuel? We got you covered as we crunch all the numbers to give you a team worth starting week nine in your FanDuel games. Read More

Why the Los Angeles Lakers will be a Lottery Team Again

In NBA history the Los Angeles Lakers have almost always been at the top of the league in performance. However the last few years have seen this storied franchise suffer through some weak times. We look at what 2014-15 is looking like for the Lakers. Read More

Week 9 NFL Picks Using the Golden Rules

Using the Golden Rules of betting NFL games against the spread our Bob Sullivan takes a look at Week 9 of the 2014 NFL season to highlight five games and teams to watch in week nine. Read More

NFL Picks - Against The Spread - Week 9

The NFL Pick Em battle enters its ninth week where we pick 3 NFL games against the spread. Inside find the top 3 picks against the spread for Week 9 of the 2014 NFL season from two of the sites writers and the two cofounders of the site. Read More

Key Stats for NFL Week 9 Matchups: Ground Wars

The NFL regular season has reached the halfway point and this is the time of the year when the ability to run the ball to move the chains and control the clock can become a valuable asset for a team trying to make a push towards the postseason. We highlight three ground battles. Read More

15 Moments That Defined The 2014 San Francisco Giants

The San Francisco Giants are World Series champions again and have now won three of the last five. Even as the title was a product of literally thousands of plays and transactions and lucky bounces today we present the 15 moments that perfectly encapsulated yet another magical season in San Francisco.  Read More

Modern History of World Series Game 7

We take a look at how the seventh game has played out ever since the 1979 upset as we prepare to see history unfold when the teams take the field and close out the 2014 MLB season. Read More

5 Teams That Could Use Joe Maddon

Even if manager Joe Maddon lacks the allure of a superstar like Max Scherzer or Pablo Sandoval there is no doubt that Maddon will be one of the most attractive free agents of the baseball offseason. We look at where he may land. Read More

Optimal Week 8 FanDuel Lineup

Looking for a team in Week 8 for FanDuel? We got you covered as we crunch all the numbers to give you a team worth starting week eight in your FanDuel games. Read More

NFL Week 9 Matchups
SAINTS   Saints At Panthers   PANTHERS
REDSKINS   Redskins At Vikings   VIKINGS
JAGUARS   Jaguars At Bengals   BENGALS
BUCCANEERS   Buccaneers At Browns   BROWNS
CARDINALS   Cardinals At Cowboys   COWBOYS
EAGLES   Eagles At Texans   TEXANS
JETS   Jets At Chiefs   CHIEFS
CHARGERS   Chargers At Dolphins   DOLPHINS
RAMS   Rams At 49ers   49ERS
BRONCOS   Broncos At Patriots   PATRIOTS
RAIDERS   Raiders At Seahawks   SEAHAWKS
RAVENS   Ravens At Steelers   STEELERS
COLTS   Colts At Giants   GIANTS

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