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Derek Jeter's Sad Ending

While it is undeniable that Jeters farewell is a big deal and he is a surefire Hall of Famer and one of the best Yankees ever. But it is still puzzling why the Yankees have not budged in its desire to give Jeter full control instead of trying to field a better team.

NFL Week 3 Picks Using the Golden Rules

Using the Golden Rules of betting NFL games against the spread our Bob Sullivan takes a look at Week 3 of the 2014 NFL season to highlight four games and teams to watch this week. Read More

NFL Picks - Against The Spread - Week 3

The NFL Pick Em battle enters its third week where we pick 3 NFL games against the spread. Inside find the top 3 picks against the spread for Week 3 of the 2014 NFL season from two of the sites writers and the two cofounders of the site. Read More

Optimal Week 3 FanDuel Lineups

Looking for a team in Week 3 for FanDuel? We got you covered as we crunch all the numbers to give you a team worth starting this week in your FanDuel games. Read More

History of Regular Season Super Bowl Rematches

It is rare that two teams who faced off in the Super Bowl meet again during the next regular season. In fact the Broncos and Seahawks game during Week 3 of the 2014 season is just the sixth occurrence. Read More

Key Stats for NFL Week 3 Matchups: Early Season Showdowns

It is only Week 3 of the new NFL season but there are number of crucial matchups on the slate. Here is a closer look at three showdowns in particular that jump off the page. Read More

Problem with Starting 0-2 in the NFL

Seven NFL teams have started the 2014 season with two straight losses. How bad is that for them? Being winless after 2 weeks has proven to be almost a death sentence and we look at why. Read More

Worst Defending Champions of the Last Decade

American sports used to be known for their dynasties as teams tended to define certain eras by winning multiple championships. But modern factors such as the salary cap have made repeating much harder. We look at how champions have performed the next season. Read More

Why the San Francisco Giants are the Most Dangerous Team for October

We take a look at how the 2014 San Francisco Giants appear to be eerily similar to their former World Series selves making them the team nobody wants to face come October. Read More

Optimal Week 2 FanDuel Team

Looking for a team in Week 2 for FanDuel? We got you covered as we crunch all the numbers to give you a team worth starting this week in your FanDuel games. Read More

NFL Week 3 Matchups
BUCCANEERS   Buccaneers At Falcons   FALCONS
RAVENS   Ravens At Browns   BROWNS
PACKERS   Packers At Lions   LIONS
COLTS   Colts At Jaguars   JAGUARS
RAIDERS   Raiders At Patriots   PATRIOTS
VIKINGS   Vikings At Saints   SAINTS
TEXANS   Texans At Giants   GIANTS
REDSKINS   Redskins At Eagles   EAGLES
CHARGERS   Chargers At Bills   BILLS
COWBOYS   Cowboys At Rams   RAMS
TITANS   Titans At Bengals   BENGALS
49ERS   49ers At Cardinals   CARDINALS
CHIEFS   Chiefs At Dolphins   DOLPHINS
BRONCOS   Broncos At Seahawks   SEAHAWKS
STEELERS   Steelers At Panthers   PANTHERS
BEARS   Bears At Jets   JETS

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