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5 NFL Teams Most Likely to Decline in 2014

Whether it is because of natural regression to the mean or changes in personnel or the strengthening of their rivals these 5 NFL squads will probably have a tough time repeating their 2013 results.
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Narrowing Your Pick For Super Bowl XLIX By Analyzing The 3 Year Path Of Past Champions

What can past performance tell us in predicting the eventual Super Bowl winner in the NFL? Using detailed analysis we breakdown trends that can be used to predict teams with the best chances of winning it all. Read More

NFC East: 2014 NFL Divisional Preview

The 2014 NFL season is upon us and now is the time for predictions. We take a look at how the 2014 season looks for the teams in the NFC East as well as make some predictions regarding their posted win totals. Read More

Analyzing NCAA Football Spreads - Part 6: Evaluating The Impact Of College Poll Rankings

Do the College Poll Rankings have an impact on the ATS results of college football teams? In Part 6 I analyze how college football ATS results are affected by weekly FBS Associated Press (AP) rankings. Read More

Analyzing NCAA Football Spreads – Part 5: A Look At Games Played Inside And Outside The Conference

How do teams perform inside and outside of their conference? In Part 5 I analyze the outcomes of betting against the spread on century old conference rivalries in comparison to non-conference FBS matchups. Read More

Analyzing NCAA Football Spreads – Part 4: Comparing Results Between Favorites And Underdogs

In Part 4 I analyze and compare the past performance of favorites and underdogs against the spread to see if past NCAA trends to assess performance can be use to determine future expected behavior.  Read More

Analyzing NCAA Football Spreads – Part 3: Comparing Results Between Home Teams And Visitors

Part 3 of a six part analysis on certain factors influence betting on the NCAA. In Part 3 I analyze and compare the past performance of home teams and visitors against the spread.  Read More

Analyzing NCAA Football Spreads – Part 2: Predicting Results Based On A College's Recent Performance

In Part 2 I consider a colleges winning percentage both straight-up and against the spread over a recent period of time in evaluating their ATS performance. Read More

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