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2014 NFL Rookie Wide Receiver Class

Is the 2014 NFL rookie wide receiver class the greatest of all-time? We take a look at the very impressive numbers that they have put down so far this season.

Tale of the Tape: 2014 NFC South vs 2010 NFC West

With the 2014 NFL playoffs rapidly approaching one of the most mentioned narratives in the NFL has emerged from the dreadful NFC South with similarities to the 2010 NFC West. We take a look at these two terrible divisions and how they match up. Read More

Week 16 NFL Picks Using the Golden Rules - Division Rivals Edition

Using the Golden Rules of betting NFL games against the spread our Bob Sullivan takes a look at Week 16 of the 2014 NFL season to highlight five games to watch in week sixteen. Read More

Optimal NHL FanDuel Lineup - Dec. 16

Check out our optimal NHL FanDuel lineup for December 16 2014. We breakdown our choices and provide our reasoning behind each NHL player selection. Read More

Can Kobe Bryant Beat Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Scoring Record?

Kobe Bryant is now the third highest scorer in NBA history passing Michael Jordan. The question now becomes whether he can reach Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Read More

Most and Least Profitable NFL Teams of 2014 for Sports Bettors

It isn't easy to make money on betting NFL games against the spread due to sharp lines. We take a look at which NFL teams have represented the most and least profitable and try to find the best trends heading into the season's homestretch and the playoffs. Read More

Preview of 2015 Baseball Hall of Fame Ballot

The 2015 Baseball Hall of Fame ballot will have the fewest number of total players on the ballot since 2012 but there is certainly no lack of star power. We preview the 2015 Baseball Hall of Fame Ballot. Read More

Revisiting 2014 MLB Predictions (Sidebar: Always Bet The Under)

Earlier this year we looked at the results of preseason predictions made before the 2013 season. The predictions were made by readers of the popular SweetSpot site on We take a look at how they did over the 2014 MLB season. Read More

Optimal Week 15 FanDuel Lineup

Looking for a team in Week 15 for FanDuel? We got you covered as we crunch all the numbers to give you a team worth starting week fifteen in your FanDuel games. Read More

NFL Picks - Against The Spread - Week 15

The NFL Pick Em battle enters its fifteen week where we pick 3 NFL games against the spread. Inside find the top 3 picks against the spread for Week 15 of the 2014 NFL season from two of the sites writers and the two cofounders of the site. Read More

NFL Week 16 Matchups
TITANS   Titans At Jaguars   JAGUARS
EAGLES   Eagles At Redskins   REDSKINS
CHARGERS   Chargers At 49ers   49ERS
FALCONS   Falcons At Saints   SAINTS
VIKINGS   Vikings At Dolphins   DOLPHINS
CHIEFS   Chiefs At Steelers   STEELERS
PACKERS   Packers At Buccaneers   BUCCANEERS
BROWNS   Browns At Panthers   PANTHERS
LIONS   Lions At Bears   BEARS
RAVENS   Ravens At Texans   TEXANS
PATRIOTS   Patriots At Jets   JETS
GIANTS   Giants At Rams   RAMS
COLTS   Colts At Cowboys   COWBOYS
BILLS   Bills At Raiders   RAIDERS
SEAHAWKS   Seahawks At Cardinals   CARDINALS
BRONCOS   Broncos At Bengals   BENGALS

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