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Over/Under Predictions - NCAA Football 2014

Using a regression model and detailed analysis, we take a look at win totals for the 2014 NCAA Football and make our predictions on whether one should take the over or under.
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How Often Have Position Players Pitched and Won Games?

How often have position players come on in relief and pitched for their team? And how many have actually gone on to record a win? We take a look at this rare event and detail relief players that have come on to pitch and win. Read More

Six Players Most Impacted By The Recent Hall of Fame Rule Change

With the announcement of a single rules change the Baseball Hall of Fame and by extension Major League Baseball decided to shorten the number of years they will have to continue discussing the Steroids Era. We look at six players most impacted. Read More

Performance of MLB Teams with the Worst Pitching

Can teams with terrible pitching overcome one the liability and still win games? We take a look at the worst pitching teams each season since 1990 and look at how they performed. Including two teams who had the number one offense. Read More

The 2014 MLB All Disabled List Team

The 2014 has been seemingly riddled with injuries including elite pitchers going down with Tommy John and big hitters missing key stretches. We take a look at the biggest injuries of the season by way of an all-star team. Read More

How have teams with the worst defense performed in the NFL?

How do the worst defenses perform in the win column in the National Football League? We break down the numbers and determine the average number of wins among the worst yards and scoring defenses since 1990. Read More

Top 50 Fantasy Rookie QB Seasons

What have past rookie quarterbacks been able to produce from a fantasy perspective? We take a look at the past fantasy statistics and provide you with the top 50 fantasy seasons among NFL rookie quarterbacks.  Read More

How Good Will the Cavaliers be in 2014 with LeBron James?

LeBron is going home. After he left the team after the 08-09 season the Cavs have won just 64 total games which was two less then they won in his final season. How will the Cavaliers do now that LeBron is back in town? Read More

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