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Kickoff Returns, Return Yards, and Touchbacks for Kickers: 2013 NFL Season

The kickoff return was often considered one of the most exciting plays in football.  The chart below shows which kickers have allowed the most return yards and which ones have managed to get the most touchbacks.  

The kicker is partially responsible for return yards (usually depending on his leg strength), the other special teams players play an equally important role.  The coverage men need to be quick and agile in their pursuit of the kick returner.  The coverage team is sometimes referred to as the "suicide squad".

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The ideal kickoff is a touchback because it doesn't allow the receiving team to return the ball, instead just taking it on the 20 yard line.  Depending on leg strength and field conditions, sometimes a kick return is unavoidable. 

In 2011 the NFL moved kickoffs from a team's own 30 yard line to the 35 yard line in order to cut down on collision injuries, it has resulted in significantly more touchbacks.


Kickoff Return Yard Leaders
PlayerTeamKickoff ReturnsKickoff Return YardsKickoff Touchbacks
Nick NovakSD731,79718
Jay FeelyARI531,29833
Alex HeneryPHI521,22937
Shaun SuishamPIT551,22524
Mike NugentCIN521,21932
Dan CarpenterBUF481,12234
Pat McAfeeIND431,08541
Phil DawsonSF531,08038
Blair WalshMIN381,07143
Steven HauschkaSEA441,05648
Rob BironasTEN421,04332
Ryan SuccopKC421,02547
Randy BullockHOU3898229
Mason CrosbyGB4296613
Kai ForbathWAS4195014
Nick FolkNYJ4293830
Matt PraterDEN3192081
Robbie GouldCHI4688738
Justin TuckerBAL3887342
Thomas MorsteadNO3383052
Caleb SturgisMIA3581138
Dan BaileyDAL3879152
Sam MartinDET2975738
Josh BrownNYG3271735
Stephen GostkowskiNE3266465
Sebastian JanikowskiOAK3061338
Tim MasthayGB1961117
Matt BosherATL2357150
Greg ZuerleinSTL2454952
Billy CundiffCLE2051042
Josh ScobeeJAC2550936
Michael KoenenTB2445241
Graham GanoCAR1637463
David AkersDET61677
Spencer LanningCLE71020
John PotterWAS5888
Brett KernTEN3560
Jeff LockeMIN3421
Brad NortmanCAR2330
Andy LeeSF1240
Dustin ColquittKC1230
Shane LechlerHOU1220
Britton ColquittDEN1160
Brandon FieldsMIA1150
Sav RoccaWAS1100
Steve WeatherfordNYG140
Adam PodleshCHI1-40
Johnny HekkerSTL1-50

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