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Team Takeaway Giveaway Statistics: 2013 NFL Season

Takeaway and giveaway statistics includes interception and fumbles both for and against, total points for and against off turnovers and the turnover differential for each team. Teams that have more takeaways than their opposition tend to have a better chance of victory, since they have more opportunities to score than the other team. 

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Interceptions and fumbles are the common forms of takeaways, although fumbles can occur in several different scenarios, including special team plays.  Turnover differential takes Takeaways and subtracts Giveaways, a higher number means that a team creates more turnovers and it gives the ball away.


Team Takeaway Giveaway Statistics
1Seattle Seahawks281139115910193320
2Kansas City Chiefs211536140810183818
3Indianapolis Colts15122779104143113
4Philadelphia Eagles19123195910194912
5San Francisco 49ers181230121810183712
6Carolina Panthers20103094136192211
7Tampa Bay Buccaneers21103181129217910
8New England Patriots17122910611920649
9St. Louis Rams14152988111021788
10Dallas Cowboys1513289112820558
11Chicago Bears1992899131023815
12Buffalo Bills2373079151227943
13Cincinnati Bengals20113191201030731
14Denver Broncos179261051016261190
15New Orleans Saints127195512719730
16Tennessee Titans1312257916925900
17Arizona Cardinals201030912293192-1
18Miami Dolphins18624581972680-2
19Green Bay Packers111122501692568-3
20Pittsburgh Steelers1010207214102477-4
21San Diego Chargers116176411102169-4
22Baltimore Ravens16824692362992-5
23Jacksonville Jaguars111021802162784-6
24Atlanta Falcons1011216117112890-7
25Washington Redskins1610268919153486-8
26Cleveland Browns14721542092975-8
27Oakland Raiders9132276201131126-9
28Minnesota Vikings1282049191332108-12
29Detroit Lions1572257191534100-12
30New York Jets132153522729100-14
31New York Giants17122958291544131-15
32Houston Texans74112822931115-20

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