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Breaking Down MLB Beer Costs: How much does $50 get you?

There is nothing like being at the ball park on a hot summer day with a cold beer surrounded by good friends debating who deserved the MVP more, Trout or Cabrera. But with games lasting three hours on average, beer costs can put a meaningful dent in the wallet. 

For all the thirsty baseball fans out there, we decided to take a look at which MLB teams have the most affordable beer prices. Specifically, if you and a buddy go to a baseball game with $50 in your pocket, how many beers can you afford?

For the purposes of this calculation:

  • Gratuity is excluded
  • Assume $1 USD = $1 CAD (the exchange rate at time of writing) 
  • The prices do not include local and federal sales tax.
  • We used a 16 ounce cup (the standard serving size for beer in most arenas)

Here are how the teams stacked up:


Rank Team How many Beers $50 Buys Cost (16 oz.)
1 Arizona Diamondbacks Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -full 4.57
2 Pittsburgh Pirates Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -full 5.00
3 Los Angeles Angels Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -3q 5.14
4 Seattle Mariners Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -1q 5.50
5 Baltimore Orioles Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -full 5.56
6 Minnesota Twins Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -full 5.60
7 Houston Astros Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -3q 5.71
8 Oakland Athletics Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -3q 5.71
9 San Diego Padres Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -3q 5.71
10 Tampa Bay Rays Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -3q 5.71
11 Milwaukee Brewers Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -3q 5.75
12 Philadelphia Phillies Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -half 5.90
13 Colorado Rockies Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -1q 6.00
14 Kansas City Royals Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -1q 6.00
15 San Francisco Giants Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -full 6.25
16 Los Angeles Dodgers Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -full 6.26
17 Chicago White Sox Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -3q 6.50
18 Texas Rangers Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -3q 6.50
19 Washington Nationals Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -3q 6.50
20 Detroit Tigers Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -half 6.75
21 Atlanta Braves Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -1q 7.00
22 Chicago Cubs Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -1q 7.00
23 Cincinnati Reds Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -3q 7.33
24 Cleveland Indians Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -3q 7.33
25 New York Mets Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -half 7.67
26 Miami Marlins Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -1q 8.00
27 New York Yankees Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -1q 8.00
28 Toronto Blue Jays Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -full 8.22
29 St. Louis Cardinals Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -half 9.00
30 Boston Red Sox Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -1q 9.67
    MLB Average Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -3q 6.51

Here are a few things we learned:

  • For each beer you buy at a Red Sox game, you could've have purchased 2 beers for the same price at a Diamondbacks game.
  • If you spent $50 on yourself at a Diamondbacks game, you'd have to drink 1 beer per inning and have one left over for an extra inning.
  • The average cost is $6.51 per 16 oz. of beer.

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