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Top 5 Heaviest Players in the NFL

There is no question that over time players in the NFL have gotten a lot bigger in size. In fact, according to a Scripps Howard study, the average weight in the NFL has grown at 10% per year since 1985.

In the 2012 NFL season, of the 1,946 active NFL players, the average weight was 246 pounds. There are a total of 426 players that weighed in at or over 300 pounds and a total of 3 players over the 350 pound mark.

Here is a list of the Top 5 Heaviest Players in the NFL.

Top 5 Heaviest Players in the NFL Since 2012


1) Terrell Brown OT Rams 377 lbs

Undrafted offensive tackle on the St. Louis Rams, the NFLs biggest player was eligible to be drafted in 2013. He is a long shot to make the team after playing sparingly in college but is easily the biggest person to play in the NFL as he officially checks in at 6' 10" and 377 lbs. Proir to being signed by the Rams, Brown weighed in at a reported 403 lbs.

2) Michael Jasper OT Giants 375 lbs

Previously the biggest player in the NFL, Jasper was drafted by the Buffalo Bills, and held the post as the NFLs biggest player since being drafted in 2011. If you think 375 lbs is big, Jasper weighed in at 450 lbs during college. In the 2013 offseason, Jasper was signed by the New York Giants

3) T.J. Barnes DT Jaguars 364 lbs

Another undrafted big man, T.J. Barnes played at Georgia Tech and at the draft weighed in at 369 lbs. In college, he set the school record for most sacks in a game at 8.

4) Robert Griffin T Colts 361 lbs

Sharing a name with the far more well known RGIII, Griffin was originally drafted in 2012 by the New York Jets but failed to make the main team but stuck on the practice squad. In 2013, he signed with the Colts but was waived and will likely be a practice squad member.

5) Chris Scott G Panthers 360 lbs

Drafted by the Steelers in the 5th round of the 2010 NFL draft, he managed to play in two games so far in his career and is currently signed by the Carolina Panthers.

Honorable mentions

The heaviest player in NFL history was Aaron Gibson who weighed in at 410 lbs while playing offensive linemen for Lions, Cowboys, Bears and Bills over his five season career. Interestingly, he weighed 440 lbs in high school.

One of the most famous big men in the NFL is Denver Broncos Terrance "Pot Roast" Knighton who weighs in at 335 pounds but has a prominent role on the defense of the team that has made it to Super Bowl XLVIII.

Here is a list of the active NFL players that weigh in at over 330 pounds:

And if you were wondering, the lightest player in the NFL weighs only 41% of the weight of Michael Jasper.

Lightest NFL Player: 

Brandon Banks WR Redskins 153 lbs

Signed as an undrafted free agent by the Washington Redskins, Brand Banks is by far the lightest player in the NFL. Listed as a WR, he is mainly used on Special Teams and had 1,174 kick returning yards and a 9.1 average yards per punt return.

Want to see the full list of lightest NFL players, including, one player that weighs just 142 lbs - read Who is the Lightest NFL Player?

Size Trend Continue?

These are some big men playing the game and just as impressive as their size is their ability to play the NFL game at these sizes. 

It's unlikely that the size trend will continue as we'd see the 247 lbs average weight balloon to 640 lbs in 2021. But we will likely still see some movement higher in the average weight.

In the meantime, this kid has been labeled too big to play in the NFL:

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Note: The data in this article looks at only Active players as of the 2012 NFL Season.

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