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Adjusted Net Yards Per Pass Attempt

What is Adjusted Net Yards Per Pass Attempt?

An advanced statistic in football that quantifies the contributions of a quarterbacks passing game by including five key passing statitics; passing yards, passing touchdowns, interceptions thrown, times sacked and yards lost to being sacked. This measure rewards passers for scoring with a multiplier on touchdowns and punishes a passer on throwing interceptions. This is all combined into a value on a per pass attempt basis.

It's calculated as follows:

ANY/A = (pass yards + 20*(pass TD) - 45*(interceptions thrown) - sack yards) / (passing attempts + sacks)

Sporting Charts explains Adjusted Net Yards Per Pass Attempt - ANY/A

This measure is considered to be one of the best for correlating to wins. The average ANY/A will vary from one season to another but is generally around 5.35 ANY/A. This can be calcluated on an individual passer level and on a team level.

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