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What is Off-season?

The period of time between the Super Bowl and the beginning of the next pre-season. The off-season is the time when teams deal with re-signing players with expiring contracts, drafting eligible college players, signing free agents, and running off-season mini-camps. The off-season is a time for teams to rebuild their rosters and attempt to improve themselves for the following season.

Sporting Charts explains Off-season

The off-season features a great deal of player movement. Teams will begin by trying to re-sign the players on their team who have expiring contracts. Typically, a team will have to balance the money being requested by a player with his value to the team. After re-signing the players that they want to-or are able to-retain, they will fill the remaining holes in their roster with other teams' free agents and college players eligible for the NFL Draft. The off-season is also a time when teams will adjust their coaching staff, either firing ineffective coaches or replacing coaches who have gone on to other jobs.

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