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Weak I

What is Weak I?

A type of play formation in football that is a variant of the standard I formation where the tailback is directly behind the quarterback and the fullback is offset to the weak side of the formation. 


Sporting Charts explains Weak I

This formation is also known as an Offset I and can be either strong on weak depending on the position of the fullback. In a standard I formation the Fullback is directly behind the quarterback and the halfback is placed behind the fullback. The variant to the standard I formation the Weak I places the tailback behind the quarterback and the fullback is placed offset of the formation to the weak side. This type of formation does not have a whole lot of effect on the game play. However, it does give more latitude to the fullback in allowing him a better chance to avoid blocks and to get out of the backfield to become a receiver. The purpose is to gain more of an advantage running the ball. 

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