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Team Runs Per Game Leaders: 2014 MLB Season

Team Runs Per Game measures the average number of runs a team generates on a per game basis is calculated by taking the number of runs a team has scored over the course of the season divided by the number of games they have played. 

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This can be a useful statistic to see if, for any particular game, a team scored more or less runs than they would be expected to. In addition, this may be a more accurate measure of an offense’s ability than total runs scored when comparing teams since not all teams will have played the exact same number of games at any point over the course of the season.


Team Runs Per Game
TeamGames PlayedRuns ScoredRuns Per Game
1Los Angeles Angels994934.98
2Oakland Athletics994874.92
3Detroit Tigers974574.71
4Colorado Rockies1014704.65
5Cleveland Indians1004494.49
6Toronto Blue Jays1014534.49
7Milwaukee Brewers1014434.39
8Baltimore Orioles994274.31
9Chicago White Sox1014294.25
10Washington Nationals984164.24
11Minnesota Twins994144.18
12Pittsburgh Pirates1004174.17
13Miami Marlins994124.16
14Los Angeles Dodgers1024244.16
15Texas Rangers1004084.08
16San Francisco Giants1014054.01
17Kansas City Royals993964.00
18Arizona Diamondbacks1014013.97
19Boston Red Sox1003973.97
20New York Yankees993933.97
21Tampa Bay Rays1014003.96
22Seattle Mariners1003943.94
23New York Mets1003943.94
24Chicago Cubs983813.89
25Cincinnati Reds1003883.88
26Houston Astros1003873.87
27Philadelphia Phillies1003853.85
28Atlanta Braves1003833.83
29St. Louis Cardinals1003723.72
30San Diego Padres992912.94

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