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Shutouts: 2014 MLB Season

Shutouts is a statistic in baseball which measures the total number of games in which a team wins the game without allowing their opponent to score a run.

More about Shutouts

Team shutouts are accomplished when a pitching staff does not allow a single run. This can be the result of using just a single pitcher or from using a multitude of pitchers, though it is much more common for a team to use multiple pitchers while achieving a shutout than just a single pitcher). Individual shutouts have become particularly rare within the last 10 to 20 years, though team shutouts are actually up slightly over that same time frame. This is a result of both declining offense in general as well as teams’ increasingly specialized bullpen management tendencies, in which more pitchers are being used in an average game than before.


Team Shutouts
1St. Louis Cardinals16223
2Tampa Bay Rays16222
3Washington Nationals16219
4Texas Rangers16217
5Miami Marlins16216
6Toronto Blue Jays16216
7Los Angeles Dodgers16216
8Cleveland Indians16215
9Kansas City Royals16214
10Cincinnati Reds16213
11Baltimore Orioles16213
12Oakland Athletics16213
13Atlanta Braves16213
14Los Angeles Angels16213
15Philadelphia Phillies16212
16San Francisco Giants16212
17Chicago Cubs16211
18New York Mets16211
19San Diego Padres16210
20New York Yankees16210
21Milwaukee Brewers1629
22Seattle Mariners1629
23Detroit Tigers1628
24Minnesota Twins1627
25Boston Red Sox1627
26Pittsburgh Pirates1627
27Chicago White Sox1626
28Arizona Diamondbacks1624
29Colorado Rockies1624
30Houston Astros1623

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