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Points Off Turnovers - Team: 2012-13 NBA Season

Points Off Turnovers
TeamTurnover PTSTurnover PTS Avg.
1Denver Nuggets1,63019.9
2Los Angeles Clippers1,60719.6
3Miami Heat1,52618.6
4Oklahoma City Thunder1,48718.1
5Minnesota Timberwolves1,48318.1
6Houston Rockets1,47218.0
7Milwaukee Bucks1,46517.9
8New York Knicks1,46117.8
9Utah Jazz1,42917.4
10San Antonio Spurs1,42617.4
11Memphis Grizzlies1,42817.4
12Atlanta Hawks1,39817.0
13Toronto Raptors1,38516.9
14Cleveland Cavaliers1,38716.9
15Boston Celtics1,35016.7
16Sacramento Kings1,33816.3
17Philadelphia 76ers1,33516.3
18Dallas Mavericks1,32716.2
19Phoenix Suns1,32116.1
20Brooklyn Nets1,29915.8
21Washington Wizards1,27615.6
22Los Angeles Lakers1,27015.5
23Detroit Pistons1,26315.4
24Indiana Pacers1,23115.2
25Portland Trail Blazers1,24115.1
26Chicago Bulls1,23115.0
27New Orleans Hornets1,21014.8
28Charlotte Bobcats1,18414.4
29Orlando Magic1,15214.0
30Golden State Warriors1,14213.9
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