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Opponent Scoring Efficiency Percentage: 2013 NFL Season

Opponent Scoring Efficiency Percentage
TeamDrives AgainstScoring Drives AgainstOpp. Scoring Efficiency Percentage
1Seattle Seahawks1864825.8
2San Francisco 49ers1915126.7
3Cincinnati Bengals1975427.4
4Kansas City Chiefs2045627.5
5Carolina Panthers1785128.7
6New England Patriots1965829.6
7Arizona Cardinals2046129.9
8New Orleans Saints1815530.4
9New York Giants2006231.0
10St. Louis Rams1855831.4
11Baltimore Ravens2046431.4
12Buffalo Bills2146932.2
13Denver Broncos2066732.5
14Indianapolis Colts1836032.8
15Philadelphia Eagles1966633.7
16Miami Dolphins1946634.0
17Cleveland Browns2036934.0
18Pittsburgh Steelers1906735.3
19Tennessee Titans1906835.8
20New York Jets1926935.9
21San Diego Chargers1666036.1
22Houston Texans1947136.6
23Washington Redskins1997336.7
24Detroit Lions1997336.7
25Tampa Bay Buccaneers1877238.5
26Oakland Raiders1897338.6
27Green Bay Packers1807038.9
28Minnesota Vikings1977839.6
29Jacksonville Jaguars1977839.6
30Dallas Cowboys1897539.7
31Chicago Bears1787642.7
32Atlanta Falcons1757945.1
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