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NFL Team PPG Differential, Points For, and Points Against: 2013 NFL Season

How do you win more football games?  You score more points than the other team.  In the grid below we take a look at points for and against by each NFL team.  This includes total points for and total against, as well as looking at these statistics on a per game basis.  The higher the point per game differential the better.

Going back to 1990, a vast majority of Super Bowl winning teams have been Top 5 in the league for PPG Differential in the regular season.

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Point per game differential is a useful statistic, and advanced versions of PPG that take into account strength of an opponent makes up the "Point Differential Betting System".  The differential gives a good indication of how teams perform offensively and defensively throughout the season, and generally speaking teams with a higher differential tend to beat teams with a lower differential.  The larger the gap between PPG differential, the more confidence.


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