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Quarterback Air Yards: 2013 NFL Season

Air yards is defined as the total distance that a football is thrown beyond the line of scrimmage to the point of reception.  Air yards is calculated by taking total passing yards and subtracting Yards After the Catch (YAC).

More about Quarterback Air Yards

While it isn't a clear cut statistic, it does give us an indication of how much of a quarterback's total pass yards are due to the QB vs receiver by eliminating the 2 yard dump pass that ends up being a 50 yard gain.


Quarterback Air Yards Leaders
RankPlayerTeamPass YardsAir YardsAY Per Att% of Air Yards% of YAC to Total Yards
1Peyton ManningDEN5,4772,7954.2451.0%49.0%
2Drew BreesNO5,1622,5863.9850.1%49.9%
3Carson PalmerARI4,2742,4204.2356.6%43.4%
4Eli ManningNYG3,8182,2714.1259.5%40.5%
5Matthew StaffordDET4,6502,2583.5648.6%51.4%
6Matt RyanATL4,5152,2393.4449.6%50.4%
7Ryan TannehillMIA3,9132,2093.7656.5%43.6%
8Philip RiversSD4,4782,2044.0549.2%50.8%
9Tom BradyNE4,3432,1923.4950.5%49.5%
10Andy DaltonCIN4,2932,1333.6449.7%50.3%
11Ben RoethlisbergerPIT4,2612,0603.5348.4%51.7%
12Joe FlaccoBAL3,9122,0363.3252.0%48.0%
13Tony RomoDAL3,8281,9883.7251.9%48.1%
14Andrew LuckIND3,8221,8083.1747.3%52.7%
15Russell WilsonSEA3,3571,8044.4353.7%46.3%
16Colin KaepernickSF3,1971,7994.3256.3%43.7%
17Geno SmithNYJ3,0461,7473.9457.4%42.7%
18Mike GlennonTB2,6081,6834.0564.5%35.5%
19Cam NewtonCAR3,3791,6433.4748.6%51.4%
20Robert Griffin IIIWAS3,2031,6433.6051.3%48.7%
21Jay CutlerCHI2,6211,5974.5060.9%39.1%
22Alex SmithKC3,3131,4782.9144.6%55.4%
23Nick FolesPHI2,8911,4094.4448.7%51.3%
24Chad HenneJAC3,2411,3782.7442.5%57.5%
25Matt SchaubHOU2,3101,3473.7658.3%41.7%
26Ryan FitzpatrickTEN2,4541,2813.6652.2%47.8%
27Aaron RodgersGB2,5361,2134.1847.8%52.2%
28Brandon WeedenCLE1,7311,0613.9761.3%38.7%
29Case KeenumHOU1,7601,0524.1659.8%40.2%
30EJ ManuelBUF1,9721,0193.3351.7%48.3%
31Matt CasselMIN1,8079633.7953.3%46.7%
32Josh McCownCHI1,8299504.2451.9%48.1%
33Jason CampbellCLE2,0159462.9847.0%53.1%
34Christian PonderMIN1,6489093.8055.2%44.8%
35Kellen ClemensSTL1,6739093.7654.3%45.7%
36Terrelle PryorOAK1,7988523.1347.4%52.6%
37Matt McGloinOAK1,5478303.9353.7%46.4%
38Sam BradfordSTL1,6877502.8644.5%55.5%
39Jake LockerTEN1,2566833.7354.4%45.6%
40Matt FlynnGB1,3926563.2847.1%52.9%
41Michael VickPHI1,2156124.3450.4%49.6%
42Thad LewisBUF1,0925773.6852.8%47.2%
43Kirk CousinsWAS8545243.3861.4%38.6%
44Josh FreemanMIN7614392.9957.7%42.3%
45Scott TolzienGB7173533.9249.2%50.8%
46Brian HoyerCLE6153013.1448.9%51.1%

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