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Sack Percentage: 2013 NFL Season

Sack Percentage measures the rate at which a team sacks the opposing teams quarterback for every passing play the opponent attempts. This can give some indication into how well at team is at the pass rush.  In general, the higher this percentage the better a team is at rushing the quarterback.  It's important to remember this is the percentage of pass plays against that result in a sack (not total pass and rushing plays)

Sack percentage is calculated as: QB Sacks/(QB Sacks + Passing Attempts Against)


Sack Percentage
TeamSacksPassing Attempts AgainstSack Percentage
1Carolina Panthers605639.6
2Buffalo Bills575619.2
3St. Louis Rams535219.2
4New Orleans Saints495078.8
5Seattle Seahawks445247.7
6New England Patriots485897.5
7Green Bay Packers445397.5
8Kansas City Chiefs475927.4
9Indianapolis Colts425367.3
10Arizona Cardinals476257.0
11Miami Dolphins425806.8
12Baltimore Ravens405526.8
13Cincinnati Bengals436146.5
14Oakland Raiders385496.5
15Washington Redskins365146.5
16New York Jets415866.5
17Denver Broncos416136.3
18Cleveland Browns406056.2
19Tennessee Titans365456.2
20Houston Texans324846.2
21San Francisco 49ers385856.1
22San Diego Chargers355486.0
23Tampa Bay Buccaneers355476.0
24Minnesota Vikings416486.0
25Chicago Bears315075.8
26Atlanta Falcons325165.8
27Pittsburgh Steelers345695.6
28Detroit Lions335725.5
29New York Giants346015.4
30Jacksonville Jaguars315515.3
31Philadelphia Eagles376705.2
32Dallas Cowboys346235.2

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