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Sacked Percentage: 2013 NFL Season

Sacked Percentage
RankTeamPass Att.SackedSacked %
1Denver Broncos675202.9%
2Detroit Lions634233.5%
3Cincinnati Bengals587294.7%
4Chicago Bears579304.9%
5San Diego Chargers544305.2%
6Indianapolis Colts582325.2%
7New Orleans Saints651375.4%
8Dallas Cowboys586355.6%
9New England Patriots628406.0%
10Houston Texans633426.2%
11Atlanta Falcons659446.3%
12Tennessee Titans533376.5%
13New York Giants567406.6%
14St. Louis Rams506366.6%
15Washington Redskins611436.6%
16Cleveland Browns681496.7%
17Arizona Cardinals574416.7%
18Pittsburgh Steelers586436.8%
19Kansas City Chiefs546417.0%
20Baltimore Ravens619487.2%
21Green Bay Packers570457.3%
22Minnesota Vikings546447.5%
23Jacksonville Jaguars592507.8%
24Oakland Raiders519447.8%
25Philadelphia Eagles508468.3%
26Carolina Panthers473438.3%
27Buffalo Bills522488.4%
28Tampa Bay Buccaneers514478.4%
29San Francisco 49ers417398.6%
30Miami Dolphins594588.9%
31New York Jets480478.9%
32Seattle Seahawks420449.5%
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