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Team Dropped Passes: 2015 NFL Season

Team dropped passes and dropped pass percentage measures the rate at which a team's receivers make contact with the ball but end up dropping it incomplete. This gives an indication to how well a teams receiving core is at converting relatively catchable balls into completions.

While it's easy to blame the wide receiver for dropped passes, but partial blame can sometimes fall on the quarterback.  

Team Dropped Passes and Drops Percentage
TeamTargetsDropsDrops Percentage
1Philadelphia Eagles620376.0
2Oakland Raiders601315.2
3Jacksonville Jaguars601305.0
4New York Giants615304.9
5Atlanta Falcons617304.9
6New England Patriots624304.8
7Tampa Bay Buccaneers526254.8
8Carolina Panthers494234.7
9San Francisco 49ers525244.6
10New York Jets602274.5
11Tennessee Titans543244.4
12Houston Texans614274.4
13Denver Broncos605264.3
14Chicago Bears519224.2
15Green Bay Packers565234.1
16Cleveland Browns601244.0
17St. Louis Rams468183.8
18Arizona Cardinals550213.8
19Dallas Cowboys519193.7
20Cincinnati Bengals495183.6
21Miami Dolphins581213.6
22Minnesota Vikings443163.6
23Buffalo Bills462163.5
24Kansas City Chiefs463163.5
25Indianapolis Colts604193.1
26Washington Redskins555173.1
27Pittsburgh Steelers584162.7
28Detroit Lions622172.7
29San Diego Chargers659172.6
30New Orleans Saints663172.6
31Seattle Seahawks472122.5
32Baltimore Ravens668152.2
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