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Team Sacks and Sack Yards: 2013 NFL Season

A statistic credited to a defensive players when physical contact with a quarterback causes him to be ruled down by contact behind the line of scrimmage. In order for a sack to be recorded, it must be obvious that the quarterback either intends to throw a forward pass, or is still in the "pocket" without a clear objective for the play.

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Total team sacks isn't always indicative of a good defense, it also needs to be taken into context with total plays that the defense has been on the field.  For example a team might have a couple good defensive ends that can get to the quarterback, but the rest of their defense is not good and therefore spending more time and plays on the field.

The worst teams are those with a lot of defensive snaps and low number of sacks.


Sack Leaders
RankTeamSacksSack YardsDefensive Snaps
1Carolina Panthers60424975
2Buffalo Bills573951,089
3St. Louis Rams533261,014
4New Orleans Saints49336943
5New England Patriots483051,118
6Arizona Cardinals473371,042
7Kansas City Chiefs473091,067
8Seattle Seahawks44297990
9Green Bay Packers442381,015
10Cincinnati Bengals432791,042
11Indianapolis Colts422481,026
12Miami Dolphins422721,106
13Denver Broncos412901,074
14New York Jets412271,048
15Minnesota Vikings412741,132
16Baltimore Ravens402571,032
17Cleveland Browns401851,107
18San Francisco 49ers382831,020
19Oakland Raiders382601,029
20Philadelphia Eagles372711,150
21Tennessee Titans362271,027
22Washington Redskins36238993
23San Diego Chargers35248959
24Tampa Bay Buccaneers352551,020
25Pittsburgh Steelers341981,036
26New York Giants342061,089
27Dallas Cowboys342461,094
28Detroit Lions33249982
29Atlanta Falcons322311,003
30Houston Texans32183970
31Jacksonville Jaguars312251,089
32Chicago Bears311891,021

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