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Team Targets Percent Caught: 2013 NFL Season

Team Targets Percent Caught
TeamCompletionsTargetsTargets Percent Caught
1San Diego Chargers37853570.7
2New Orleans Saints44664469.3
3Denver Broncos46167068.8
4Atlanta Falcons44564968.6
5Green Bay Packers36655565.9
6Chicago Bears37357065.4
7Seattle Seahawks26740965.3
8Pittsburgh Steelers37757965.1
9Dallas Cowboys37558064.7
10Arizona Cardinals36356364.5
11Cincinnati Bengals36457663.2
12Philadelphia Eagles31049462.8
13Carolina Panthers29246762.5
14Tennessee Titans32852662.4
15Kansas City Chiefs33353562.2
16New England Patriots38061961.4
17Miami Dolphins35758261.3
18Minnesota Vikings32553560.7
19Indianapolis Colts35057760.7
20St. Louis Rams30150359.8
21Houston Texans37162159.7
22Jacksonville Jaguars34958559.7
23Detroit Lions37162359.6
24San Francisco 49ers24441159.4
25Washington Redskins35559959.3
26Baltimore Ravens36361459.1
27Tampa Bay Buccaneers29149558.8
28Oakland Raiders29850858.7
29New York Giants32556058.0
30Buffalo Bills29951857.7
31Cleveland Browns37967056.6
32New York Jets26647855.6
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