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Team Ten Play Drive Statistics: 2013 NFL Season

Ten play drives are possessions in which the offense is runs ten or more total plays before ending the drive with a scoring play, a turnover or end of half/game. The benefit to these types of drives are that the team is eating up significant amount of time on the clock and keeping the ball away from the opponent.


Team Ten Play Drives
TeamDrivesTen Play DrivesTen Play Drive %
1San Diego Chargers1673923.35%
2Atlanta Falcons1793519.55%
3Indianapolis Colts1883518.62%
4Carolina Panthers1703017.65%
5Green Bay Packers1863217.2%
6Washington Redskins1993316.58%
7Tennessee Titans1842915.76%
8New Orleans Saints1812815.47%
9Cleveland Browns1953015.38%
10Denver Broncos2023115.35%
11St. Louis Rams1842815.22%
12New England Patriots2013014.93%
13Chicago Bears1822714.84%
14Detroit Lions1962914.8%
15Pittsburgh Steelers1892714.29%
16Seattle Seahawks1822614.29%
17Oakland Raiders1942713.92%
18San Francisco 49ers1892513.23%
19Baltimore Ravens2072713.04%
20Cincinnati Bengals2012612.94%
21Minnesota Vikings1952512.82%
22Tampa Bay Buccaneers1882312.23%
23Houston Texans2012411.94%
24Kansas City Chiefs1972311.68%
25Arizona Cardinals2002311.5%
26Jacksonville Jaguars1952211.28%
27New York Jets1962211.22%
28Dallas Cowboys1832010.93%
29Buffalo Bills2142210.28%
30Philadelphia Eagles201209.95%
31Miami Dolphins194178.76%
32New York Giants204167.84%

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