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Team Ten Play Drive Statistics: 2013 NFL Season

Team Ten Play Drives
TeamDrivesTen Play DrivesTen Play Drive %
1San Diego Chargers1673923.35%
2Atlanta Falcons1793519.55%
3Indianapolis Colts1883518.62%
4Carolina Panthers1703017.65%
5Green Bay Packers1863217.2%
6Washington Redskins1993316.58%
7Tennessee Titans1842915.76%
8New Orleans Saints1812815.47%
9Cleveland Browns1953015.38%
10Denver Broncos2023115.35%
11St. Louis Rams1842815.22%
12New England Patriots2013014.93%
13Chicago Bears1822714.84%
14Detroit Lions1962914.8%
15Pittsburgh Steelers1892714.29%
16Seattle Seahawks1822614.29%
17Oakland Raiders1942713.92%
18San Francisco 49ers1892513.23%
19Baltimore Ravens2072713.04%
20Cincinnati Bengals2012612.94%
21Minnesota Vikings1952512.82%
22Tampa Bay Buccaneers1882312.23%
23Houston Texans2012411.94%
24Kansas City Chiefs1972311.68%
25Arizona Cardinals2002311.5%
26Jacksonville Jaguars1952211.28%
27New York Jets1962211.22%
28Dallas Cowboys1832010.93%
29Buffalo Bills2142210.28%
30Philadelphia Eagles201209.95%
31Miami Dolphins194178.76%
32New York Giants204167.84%
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