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Team Time of Possession Statistics: 2013 NFL Season

Time of possession is a measure of the amount of time a team retains control of the ball on offense, which in the below table is broken out as a total, on a per game basis and as a percentage of total time.

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There is a correlation between teams with a greater time of possession and winning the game, mainly because it's better to have your offense on the field more than your defense.  The other reason winning teams typically end with a higher time of possession is because they run the clock out towards the later stages of a football game. 


Team Time of Possession Statistics
RankTeamPer GameTotal Time% of Possession
1San Diego Chargers3253755.94%
2Cincinnati Bengals3152554.69%
3New Orleans Saints3252254.38%
4Detroit Lions3251753.85%
5Carolina Panthers3151053.13%
6Houston Texans3050452.5%
7Kansas City Chiefs3049751.77%
8Chicago Bears3049651.67%
9Arizona Cardinals3049651.67%
10Washington Redskins3049451.46%
11Green Bay Packers3049451.46%
12Pittsburgh Steelers3049451.46%
13San Francisco 49ers3048950.94%
14Seattle Seahawks2948850.83%
15Denver Broncos3048850.83%
16Baltimore Ravens2948550.52%
17New England Patriots2948550.52%
18Atlanta Falcons3048550.52%
19Tennessee Titans2948450.42%
20New York Jets2948350.31%
21Oakland Raiders2947849.79%
22Indianapolis Colts2947449.38%
23Tampa Bay Buccaneers2947349.27%
24New York Giants2946848.75%
25St. Louis Rams2946548.44%
26Dallas Cowboys2946448.33%
27Miami Dolphins2845947.81%
28Buffalo Bills2845947.81%
29Cleveland Browns2845847.71%
30Minnesota Vikings2745547.4%
31Jacksonville Jaguars2743745.52%
32Philadelphia Eagles2642243.96%

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