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Team Touchbacks Per Game: 2013 NFL Season

This is a listing of the average amount of times per game that a team kicked through the end zone for a touchback either by way of punt or kickoff. Touchbacks occur when the kicking or punting team kicks the ball into the endzone and becomes dead behind the goal line either by going out of bounds, touching the endzone or by being fielded but not progressed by the receiving team.

When a touchback occurs, the team receiving the ball is awarded the ball at their 20 yard line and begins their first set of downs at that spot.

More about Team Touchbacks Per Game

Touchbacks per game gives some indication to the strength of the kicking team and their ability to place the ball into the endzone to prevent the running back of the ball. This number can be dependant on the quality of the kicker as well as the home field with some fields (Denver) having an advantage to kicking the ball far with relative ease. Additionally, this can point to the strategy of the team to kill the punt/kickoff before it is able to be returned.


Team Touchbacks Per Game
RankTeamGPKO TBsKO TBs/GPunt TBsPunt TBs/GTBs/Game
1Denver Broncos16815.0630.195.25
2New England Patriots16654.06120.754.81
3Carolina Panthers16633.9450.314.25
4Kansas City Chiefs16472.94120.753.69
5Dallas Cowboys16523.2560.383.63
6New Orleans Saints16523.2550.313.56
7St. Louis Rams16523.2540.253.50
8Detroit Lions16452.81100.633.44
9Seattle Seahawks16483.0050.313.31
10Atlanta Falcons16503.1320.133.25
11Baltimore Ravens16422.6390.563.19
12Oakland Raiders16382.38110.693.06
13Cleveland Browns16422.6360.383.00
14Indianapolis Colts16412.5670.443.00
15Tampa Bay Buccaneers16412.5660.382.94
16San Francisco 49ers16382.3890.562.94
17Minnesota Vikings16442.7530.192.94
18Miami Dolphins16382.3870.442.81
19Jacksonville Jaguars16362.2580.502.75
20Buffalo Bills16342.1390.562.69
21New York Giants16352.1970.442.63
22Philadelphia Eagles16372.3150.312.63
23Chicago Bears16382.3820.132.50
24Arizona Cardinals16332.0660.382.44
25Cincinnati Bengals16322.0040.252.25
26Houston Texans16291.8170.442.25
27New York Jets16301.8850.312.19
28Green Bay Packers16301.8850.312.19
29Tennessee Titans16322.0020.132.13
30Pittsburgh Steelers16241.5050.311.81
31Washington Redskins16221.3800.001.38
32San Diego Chargers16181.1310.061.19

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