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Team Yards per Play Differential: 2013 NFL Season

One of several NFL statistics helping to explain offensive and defensive efficiency is "yards per play" for and against.  Teams with a differential above zero gain more yards on a per play basis than they allow, the opposite is true for a negative differential.  This statistic is very useful in determining a team's all around quality on both sides of the ball.

Red denotes a negative differential, bubble size indicates size of differential.  (You can use your cursor to zoom in on any portion of the chart)

More about Team Yards per Play Differential

Yards per Play Differential has been a very useful statistic for predicting Super Bowl winners.  A majority of Super Bowl winning teams have a positive differential.  In fact even the New York Giants' wins in 2011 and 2007 seasons (where they were longshots), they still maintained a positive yards per play differential despite being poorly ranked in many other statstical categories.  The 2001 New England Patriots were an exception, they finished the season with a negative differential then went on to win it all.


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