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Team Shootout Wins and Losses: 2002-03 NHL Season

Shootout Wins
TeamShootoutsSO WinsSO LossesSO Win %
1Los Angeles Kings000-
2Pittsburgh Penguins000-
3Phoenix Coyotes000-
4Dallas Stars000-
5Colorado Avalanche000-
6Anaheim Mighty Ducks000-
7Boston Bruins000-
8Montreal Canadiens000-
9San Jose Sharks000-
10Florida Panthers000-
11Buffalo Sabres000-
12New Jersey Devils000-
13St. Louis Blues000-
14Nashville Predators000-
15Calgary Flames000-
16New York Islanders000-
17Tampa Bay Lightning000-
18Atlanta Thrashers000-
19Chicago Blackhawks000-
20New York Rangers000-
21Toronto Maple Leafs000-
22Columbus Blue Jackets000-
23Detroit Red Wings000-
24Ottawa Senators000-
25Vancouver Canucks000-
26Minnesota Wild000-
27Edmonton Oilers000-
28Carolina Hurricanes000-
29Philadelphia Flyers000-
30Washington Capitals000-
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