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Team Shootout Wins and Losses: 2005-06 NHL Season

Shootout Wins
TeamShootoutsSO WinsSO LossesSO Win %
1Dallas Stars131210.923
2New York Islanders12930.750
3New Jersey Devils13940.692
4Columbus Blue Jackets11830.727
5Carolina Hurricanes10820.800
6New York Rangers11740.636
7Edmonton Oilers16790.438
8Washington Capitals13760.539
9Tampa Bay Lightning10640.600
10Los Angeles Kings7610.857
11Nashville Predators9630.667
12Atlanta Thrashers10550.500
13Minnesota Wild8530.625
14Buffalo Sabres10550.500
15Detroit Red Wings7430.571
16Vancouver Canucks8440.500
17Philadelphia Flyers10460.400
18Phoenix Coyotes7430.571
19Florida Panthers9450.444
20St. Louis Blues12480.333
21Toronto Maple Leafs10370.300
22Colorado Avalanche9360.333
23Anaheim Mighty Ducks10370.300
24Chicago Blackhawks8260.250
25Ottawa Senators8260.250
26Boston Bruins10280.200
27Montreal Canadiens5230.400
28Calgary Flames9270.222
29Pittsburgh Penguins7160.143
30San Jose Sharks8170.125
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