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NBA 50-40-90 Club

The 50-40-90 Club is category of players who in a single season achieved a field goal shooting percentage of at least 0.500, a three point shooting percent of at least 0.400 and a free throw shooting percentage of at least 0.900. Players must meet the league minimums for each category, which is 300 FGs made, 55 3PTs made and 125 FTs made.

Managing to have the numbers to get into the 50-40-90 club is an impressive feat and a sign of an amazing shooting season. 

Note: This table only reflects seasons since 1990. Prior to 1990, Larry Bird (86-87 - .525/.400/.910 and 87-88 - .527/.414/.916) and Mark Price (88-89 - .526/.441/.901) achieved the feat.