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Top 10 Heaviest Players in the MLB

Baseball players don't always get a fair shake in debates about who are the best athletes on the planet - a part of the reason for this is some of the most well-known players like Babe Ruth, David Ortiz and Prince Fielder aren't the smallest of athletes.

The vast majority of MLB players are exceptional athletes who play at very high levels over a long demanding season. In fact, the average MLB player only weighs around 200 lbs. 

However, there are some big men playing the game including two players that have topped the 300 pound mark - but no where as big of a league as the NFL as we see in our NFL Heaviest Players article.

Find out who the heaviest player to play in MLB history and who is the biggest active player currently in the majors.

Heaviest Current MLB Player

Currently, the honor of heaviest player in Major League Baseball goes to Cincinnati Reds pitcher Jonathan Broxton who at 6 foot 4 inches weighs in at 300 lbs. Braxton has been in the league since 2005 when he first appeared for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

He is mainly used as a relief pitcher and has 111 saves in his career. But he isn't the heaviest to play the game.

That honor goes to...

Heaviest MLB Player of All-time

The heaviest Major League player ever was first baseman Walter Young who weighed in at 315 pounds during his one season with the Baltimore Orioles. While he had only 37 plate appearences he put up respectable numbers with a .303 batting average and .803 on-base plus slugging percentage.

The Top 10 Heaviest MLB Players Since 1990

Position Name Weight Height Born Draft Year Drafted By Last Year Played
1B Walter Young 315 6' 5" 1980 1999 Pirates 2005
P Jonathan Broxton 300 6' 4" 1984 2002 Dodgers 2012
1B Dmitri Young 298 6' 2" 1973 1991 Cardinals 2008
1B Calvin Pickering 295 6' 5" 1976 1995 Orioles 2005
P CC Sabathia 290 6' 7" 1980 1998 Indians 2012
DH Adam Dunn 287 6' 6" 1979 1998 Reds 2012
P Jeff Fulchino 284 6' 5" 1979 2001 Marlins 2011
P Seth McClung 282 6' 6" 1981 1999 Devil Rays 2009
P Carlos Silva 280 6' 4" 1979 1996 Phillies 2010
P Renyel Pinto 280 6' 4" 1982 1999 Cubs 2010

As you can see from the list, the top 10 heaviest players have all last played in the last 10 years, which much like has been seen in other sports the players are getting bigger and bigger. Now it's doubtful that we will see a baseball player hitting the highs seen in the NFL (375 lbs) we could see some more 300+ pound athletes.

For those wondering how heavy Babe Ruth was during his playing days; he officially weighed in at 215 lbs but was rumored to have been closer to 250 lbs at his peak. Either way, he was well off the weights seen more recently.

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