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NBA Daily Fantasy Value and Projection Guide - February 24, 2015

I have returned! It feels so good to be back. A terrible snow storm passed through early last week and knocked out the power here. After that was fixed an ice storm rolled through and did some funky things to my internet access. It’s been a very rough time having to be away from DFS, but let’s not waste any more time. I’ve been gone long enough. What’s tonight look like?

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Golden State Warriors @ Washington Wizards

Klay Thompson | SG | DK: $8k | FD: $7.4k

Klay’s value hinges largely on Steph’s health. If Curry is active tonight I don’t think that eliminates Klay from your player pool, but it certainly knocks him down a peg. Washington is still without Beal so their wing defense is struggling. Klay will put up 25+ shots if Curry misses, but could still take on a larger role if Steve Kerr decides to limit Steph.

Andrew Bogut | C | DK: $4.7k | FD: $5.3k

Bogut isn’t going to be a sexy play by any means. He’s more of a cash game pick than anything else because we know what we’re getting from him. He’ll see 25-30 minutes and put up FP in the same range. It isn’t a great matchup down low for either team, but something’s got to give.

Andre Iguodala | SF | DK: $3.9k | FD: $4.6k

I think Iggy has been one of the best 6th men of the season. Of course he’s coming in and getting time with the splash brothers, but he’s been great in his own right. He’s still really cheap, especially on DK, and could see a bump in minutes if Steph misses. Although his price is low and won’t kill your salary cap, you’ll only want to play him in tournaments.

Cleveland Cavaliers @ Detroit Pistons

LeBron James | SF | DK: $10.3k | FD: $10.6k

He’s been hitting under value as of late and he doesn’t need to play a ton of minutes. The Cavs are on a roll right now, and that might limit his exposure. With guys like Westbrook and Steph to pay up for, I don’t see a ton of people flocking to James. This is a beautiful matchup for him. Detroit was struggling to defend the wings before but now it’s even worse. LBJ gets a ton of his points in the paint where the Pistons also struggle defensively.

Andre Drummond | C | DK: $7.8k | FD: $8.2k

Is anyone else impressed by Drummond’s performance in his last 2 games? Washington and Chicago have two of the best defensive centers in the NBA, yet he managed to put up 18 points and pull down just as many boards. Mozgov, Love and Thompson are much worse defensively than Gortat or Noah. I worry a bit about foul trouble if LBJ decides to drive the ball a ton, but there’s 7x upside here.

Reggie Jackson | PG | DK: $4.5k | FD: $4.4k

A good guy to pair with Westbrook if you’re a FD player. You just really want this guy in your lineup. He’s obviously talented and should replace Augustin just fine in Detroit. At his price, considering he’ll see 30+ minutes, I have him at a floor of 5x and a ceiling of 9x. If you trust those numbers there’s no reason to fade him tonight.

Indiana Pacers @ Oklahoma City Thunder

Russell Westbrook | PG | DK: $11k | FD: $11.1k

Next to Reggie this is probably the most ‘no-brainer’ type play of the evening. We all know that Westbrook’s usage is through the roof without Durant. He can pop off for 70+ FP on any given night. He’s going to get you 40+ tonight and that’s just a fact.

Serge Ibaka | PF | DK: $7.6k | FD: $7.2k

He’s been playing really well lately without Durant on the floor. The Pacers are one of the best in the league at defending the PF position, but they’ve slacked off a bit lately. I don’t look for Serge to have a 50 FP outing, but 35-45 FP is certainly possible.

Enes Kanter | C | DK: $6k | FD: $6.2k

You know this guy loves being in OKC. Plenty of minutes, plenty of shots and a group of studs to teach him the game. You want to get in on this guy before his price rises. Hibbert won’t be able to step out and guard him.

Rodney Stuckey | SG | DK: $4.6k | FD: $5.1k

Not on this guy as strongly as most are tonight. I think it’s a trap. Roberson is a good defender and I don’t see him putting up 30 points again. Sure he’s cheap and could hit 5-6x fairly quickly, but he’ll also be highly owned. Not someone I want a ton of exposure to.

Toronto Raptors @ Dallas Mavericks

DeMar DeRozan | SG | DK: $7.3k | FD: $6.7k

There really aren’t many guys I want to pay up for in this game. There’s a lot of points to be scored in this one, I just don’t know where the majority of them are going. DeRozan should get his usual amount of shots. With Parsons sidelined that will make his life a bit easier. Risky play, but he usually is.

Jonas Valanciunas | C | DK: $5.1k | FD: $5.9k

It doesn’t look like a great matchup on paper, but his performance @NO should give him a fair bit of confidence. This is going to be a fast paced game with a ton of shots going up. He has every opportunity to hit 5x his salary and then some.

James Johnson | SF | DK: $4.7k | FD: $4.5k

He’s getting good minutes now and will also benefit from Chandler Parsons’ injury. At his price he’s a near lock to bottom out at 4x, but I guess we’ve seen crazier from him. With 7-8x upside he makes for a good tournament play, especially if you’re fading LeBron.

Richard Jefferson | SF | DK: $3.5k | FD: $3.8k

If he draws the start again he’s another good cheap option. James Johnson plays solid defense but Jefferson doesn’t get a ton of his points by scoring. He’s a 5x5 guy that’s been in the NBA long enough to realize where his team needs help. He’s going to get the job done and I think Carlisle trusts him enough to give him the minutes.

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