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NBA Daily Fantasy Value and Projection Guide - February 27, 2015

In a pinch for time so I’m keeping things short and sweet. Let’s do it folks!

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Cleveland Cavaliers @ Indiana Pacers

LeBron James | SF | DK: $10.3k | FD: $10.4k - Without Kyrie he’s going to do work. Pacers play slow and good defense, but this is LBJ we’re talking about. Not expecting 70+ FP but I believe he’ll hit in the 50s.

C.J. Miles | SF | DK: $4.8k | FD: $4.8k - He’s been consistently good for the Pacers lately. A bit worried about him chasing LBJ around all night and dealing with that strength, but I think he’ll end up okay. A decent cash play here.

Washington Wizards @ Philadelphia 76ers

Marcin Gortat | C | DK: $5.2k | FD: $5.5k - Been solid inside for Washington as of late. Without Beal on the wing, the Wizards have been pushed to get the ball down low. It’s worked quite well and I see no reason for them to quit doing that against Philly’s bad interior defense.

Jason Richardson | SG | DK: $3.6k | FD: $4k - He’s a new look for the 76ers but he seems to be fitting in well. Monitor the starting lineup because how he fits into this rotation is key in his developing value. He’ll get a good matchup here and he’s unlikely to be highly owned. Decent change to hit 6-8x his salary. 

Charlotte Hornets @ Boston Celtics

Al Jefferson | C | DK: $7.5k | FD: $8.2k - Boston doesn’t have a very good interior defense, especially with Sully out of the picture. Zeller is playing a ton of minutes and won’t be able to match up with Al. Big night due here.

Isaiah Thomas | PG | DK: $5.9k | FD: $6.2k - Still coming off of the bench and still scoring well. Not the best tournament play as his ceiling is capped by the minutes he plays, but I like him a lot for tournaments.

Evan Turner | PG/SG | DK: $5.6k | FD: $6.1k - He’s a unique player but he seems to have found a niche in Boston. He gets the job done every night and certain nights goes above and beyond. For that reason he’s a good tournament play. He’ll likely get you 5x the salary but has potential to go for 50. 

Golden State Warriors @ Toronto Raptors

Stephen Curry | PG | DK: $9.8k | FD: $10.3k - After last night’s game I don’t see a ton of people flocking to Curry. Good news for us! Toronto is still really bad at defending opposing guards and Curry will be looking to redeem himself. I like this play a lot.

James Johnson | SF | DK: $4.7k | FD: $4.1k - He plays good defense and that’s what Toronto will need against the Warriors. He’s getting you 5x his salary just about every night with the chance of hitting 8x. That’s a great cash value and good tournament play as well.

New York Knicks @ Detroit Pistons

Pick one of Monroe or Drummond, but not both. One of them will hit tonight but it’s anyone’s guess as to who. I’ll have my money on Drummond as he typically finds himself around the rim more often. There are going to be a ton of missed shots in this one.

Reggie Jackson | PG | DK: $6.1k | FD: $6.1k - Too good of an athlete for any Knick to slow down. This should be a fun game for him. The price is rising a bit which makes me uncomfortable but I’ll have some exposure.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope | SG | DK: $4.4k | FD: $5.1k - He’s shooting quite well with Jackson running the point. I don’t normally like to take guys that are so reliant on shooting, but the Knicks allow their opponents to shoot lights out. So all systems go on this guy.

Orlando Magic @ Atlanta Hawks

Al Horford | C | DK: $7.4k | FD:$8.1k - Vucevic and the rest of the Magic don’t play much defense. That bodes well for Horford and company. He’s the safest and most consistent play of the bunch so I like him a lot tonight for any format.

Elfrid Payton | PG | DK: $5.4k | FD: $5.9k - He’s playing well under the new coach and the Hawks, Teague in particular, don’t defend well against guards. Their wing and interior defense is what opponents seem to struggle with. So Payton should have another night where he hits 5-6x his salary, so a great cash play. 

Brooklyn Nets @ Houston Rockets

James Harden | SG | DK: $11k | FD: $11k - He’s questionable as of right now so keep an eye on his status, but if he plays you can feel safe rostering him. Brooklyn doesn’t have a shutdown defender on the wing. In fact, they don’t really have anyone that excels on the defensive end. Even if they did I don’t see a reason why Harden would struggle. He’s a stud. Play him if you want.

Terrence Jones | PF | DK: $6.5k | FD: $6.3k - It’s nice to see Jones healthy now and contributing to the Rockets. With Howard OUT indefinitely, Jones is going to soak up a ton of action inside. The Nets don’t really have anyone to deal with his athleticism and strength, so I like him to hit value tonight.

Los Angeles Clippers @ Memphis Grizzlies

Chris Paul | PG | DK: $10.1k | FD: $10.2k - Not a huge fan of playing guys on the road against Memphis, but CP3 is balling right now. Without Blake taking a ton of shots and pulling down boards, Paul’s usage has shot through the roof. There are a ton of options tonight but CP3 is one of my favorites.

Mike Conley | PG | DK: $6.3k | FD: $6.6k - Not all that worried about Paul’s defense. It didn’t seem to do too much damage in LA a few days back, so why would that change in coming to Memphis? His price is quite reasonable and he’s the Grizzlie I have the most faith in.

Miami Heat @ New Orleans Pelicans

Hassan Whiteside | C | DK: $7.8k | FD: $7.6k - The Pelicans are really going to struggle in dealing with his length. He can outreach Asik and shouldn’t have much trouble offensively either. He’s a bit expensive for what we’ve seen lately but we know his potential.

Tyreke Evans | PG | DK: $7.9k | FD: $8.4k - If he can hit over 5x his salary while battling an ‘illness’ I think he’s a good play against the Heat. I’m not a huge fan of the pace they play at, but Dragic isn’t that great of a defender. He will get his. 

Minnesota Timberwolves @ Chicago Bulls

Ricky Rubio | PG | DK: $7.4k | FD: $7.3k - The Bulls don’t have the depth to deploy anyone defensively capable of slowing Rubio down. He’ll have no problem hitting 5x and then some tonight.

Taj Gibson | PF | DK: $4.3k | FD: $5.1k - Without Gasol playing tonight, Gibson should start and get a few extra minutes. For that reason he’ll likely hit well beyond 5x his salary, making him a fantastic tournament play. 

Utah Jazz @ Denver Nuggets

Rudy Gobert | C | DK: $6.5k | FD: $6.4k - Denver’s interior is abysmal. Nurkic, Faried and company can’t manage more than a few seconds on the court without heaving and gasping for air. Gobert’s ability to rebound and block shots is more than enough to make him a good tournament play.

J.J. Hickson | PF | DK: $3.2k | FD: $3.7k - Not a good matchup for him but that’s okay. Denver’s frontcourt is bare and ridden with injuries. That means a ton of minutes for Hickson at a near minimum price. He just needs 6-8 rebounds and a few points to hit value.

San Antonio Spurs @ Sacramento Kings

Rudy Gay | SF | DK: $7.3k | FD: $7.8k - With Cousins doubtful that leaves a ton of work left for the rest of the team. Gay will likely find himself picking up most of that slack. It helps that the game is at home because he draws a difficult matchup with Leonard. Nonetheless, I like him a lot.

Jason Thompson | PF | DK: $3.5k | FD: $4.2k - He could definitely draw the start in place of DeMarcus which leaves a lot to be desired, but SAC has no choices. The Spurs’ interior is deceptively easy to score on which is good news for Thompson. At near minimum price he’s one of my favorite targets if DMC sits.

Milwaukee Bucks @ Los Angeles Lakers

Khris Middleton | SG/SF | DK: $6.4k | FD: $6.6k - The Bucks are a difficult bunch to analyze at this point. With new players in the mix Kidd is spending a lot of time finding the perfect rotation again. Which makes me wonder why they made the trade in the first place? Anyways, Middleton has been playing well and his numbers are consistent. There’s only upside to be had here against the Lakers.

Jordan Clarkson | PG | DK: $5k | FD: $5.3k - The matchup looks bad on paper because Brandon Knight is one of the best defending guards in the NBA. Given that he’s no longer a Buck, it’s safe to say that Clarkson’s outlook is much more positive. He’s going to get the minutes and his playing at home makes him a sneaky, underowned play at PG. 

Oklahoma City Thunder @ Portland Trail Blazers

Russell Westbrook | PG | DK: 11.2k | FD: $11.2k - He’s really good at basketball. Portland is bad at defending guards like him. He will be the highest owned player on the night BY FAR. Take him.

Nicolas Batum | SF | DK: $5.5k | FD: $5.9k - With Durant OUT, a lot of teams are finding success in exploiting OKC’s SF position. Batum is an athletic 5x5 guy so it works out perfectly. He’s rather cheap given his ceiling which allows you to fit in a few studs.

Thanks for reading, folks! Be sure to come say hi over on Twitter, @Steven_Royalty_. While you’re over there take a look at the SportingCharts Official Twitter as well. Come back tomorrow as I have analysis for you every single day. Cheers!

FanDuel is hosting their $350,000 Friday NBA Slam tournament where the winner takes home $30,000! Entry fee is just $25! Join FanDuel! Use the following projections to build a winning lineup!


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