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NBA Daily Fantasy Value and Projection Guide - February 28, 2015

Had a few surprises yesterday! George Hill had a ridiculous game against the Cavs although I doubt the outcome would’ve been the same had Irving and James played. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist had one of his better games on the season as did Jimmy Butler. The Detroit bigs took advantage of the Knicks as both of them nearly broke 50 FP. Of course Russell did his thing but it wasn’t enough to overcome the Trailblazers.

All in all it was a very fun evening of basketball and I hope you guys cashed out. Still plenty of games to look at tonight so why don’t we go ahead and do that?

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Detroit Pistons @ Washington Wizards

Andre Drummond | C | DK: $7.9k | FD: $8.2k

Washington’s interior defense looks good on paper but Hilario’s age is showing and Gortat loses his size and strength advantage against Drummond. He played fine in Detroit and I think he’ll play fine tonight in Washington. The same goes for Monroe. Last night I said choose one not both. Tonight I say you can do what you like with them.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope | SG | DK: $4.4k | FD: $5.1k

Keep an eye on the status of Bradley Beal. I don’t believe he plays but even if he does, he’ll be limited. That’s good news for KCP who seems to enjoy playing alongside Jackson. He’s a guy I’m including in just about every lineup.

Atlanta Hawks @ Miami Heat

Paul Millsap | PF | DK: $7.8k | FD: $7.5k

A tournament play ONLY, but Millsap can put up some nice numbers tonight. I think Miami’s backcourt along with Whiteside’s defense can keep this relatively close, so he gets his minutes. There’s no way Udonis Haslem keeps Millsap from scoring.

Dwyane Wade | SG | DK: $6.8k | FD: $7.2k

I’m not expecting many people to roster Wade which makes him a great tournament play. He didn’t get a ton of minutes against the Pelicans so his knees should be fine. He gets up against stronger opponents and Korver doesn’t play a ton of defense. If he can score, and I believe he will, his value will skyrocket. 

Toronto Raptors @ New York Knicks

Langston Galloway | PG | DK: $5.2k | FD: $5.3k

He’s getting solid minutes with Melo and others out for the Knicks. The Raptors are well rested after receiving a beating from the Warriors, but their perimeter defense is still lacking. This should be a sloppy, up and down game with plenty of opportunity to score. Galloway is a safe play with decent upside.

Jonas Valanciunas | C | DK: $4.9k | FD: $6.1k

Not a fan of him on FanDuel because of the price although that may present a bit of opportunity. I’m more focused on his value on DraftKings, which is potentially quite high given tonight’s matchup. We saw what Monroe and Drummond did in the paint last night. Valanciunas doesn’t have the same level of talent, but he’s certainly capable of getting to 30+ FP tonight.

Memphis Grizzlies @ Minnesota Timberwolves

Ricky Rubio | PG | DK: $7.3k | FD: $7.3k

His price still doesn’t accurately reflect the numbers he’s producing. We need to cash in tonight because it’s likely our last opportunity to do so. Memphis will try to slow this game down and create turnovers. Rubio is a master at preventing that from happening and I fully expect him to flirt with a triple-double.

Tony Allen | SF | DK: $3.5k | FD: $4k

He’s not a very sexy play but I like him for cash games. SF is a wasteland tonight, so he’ll allow you to fit in a couple of higher priced guys that you really like. He won’t burn you. 

Brooklyn Nets @ Dallas Mavericks

Rajon Rondo | PG | DK: $6.2k | FD: $5.4k

If you’re a risk taker, an adrenaline junky – this is the play you want tonight. Rondo is returning from his 1-game suspension after sassing Carlisle. A report last night mentioned Rondo was the last guy in the gym at practice, working on his free throws. Given his attitude and what we’ve seen in the past, I’m expecting him to do everything he can to reassert himself in the starting lineup and regain the respect of the organization. Brooklyn’s perimeter defense has holes in it and Rajon can exploit them.

Joe Johnson | SG | DK: $5.9k | FD: $6.3k

He’s taking around 14 FGA a game and he’s rebounding quite well. Both of these things give him a high floor so given his price, I’d say he’s a fine cash play. I’m not sure I’d look at him for tournaments but I won’t deny his potential to hit 40 FP.

Milwaukee Bucks @ Utah Jazz

Derrick Favors | PF | DK: $7.4k | FD:$7.5k

His game against the Nuggets is surely going to be a confidence booster. Milwaukee’s interior is a little bit better but they still don’t have much to offer in the way of defense. Favors should have another solid game tonight and he’s finding himself in most of my cash games. Rudy Gobert is looking fine as well.

Ersan Ilyasova | PF | DK: $4.4k | FD: $4k

The Bucks’ rotation is in flux at the moment so it’s difficult to trust anyone. Out of that group, Ersan has strung together a few good games to give me some courage. He’s hitting around 6-7x salary lately and I see no reason for that to stop. The matchup is a bit rough but the Jazz should struggle with his range. 

San Antonio Spurs @ Phoenix Suns

Eric Bledsoe | SG | DK: $8.2k | FD: $8.9k

The Spurs have good wing defense but you can’t sit back and ignore Bledsoe’s last few games. He plays much better at home than on the road and should reach around 5x salary. He won’t kill you even at his price tag.

Kawhi Leonard | SF | DK: $7k | FD: $7.1k

I’m looking for Pop to run the offense around Leonard tonight. Tucker is the largest weakness in Phoenix’s starting five. Kawhi seems to have gotten out of his slump as he’s hit value in his last couple of games. He’s the only high priced SF I’m targeting.

Thanks for reading, folks! Be sure to come say hi over on Twitter, @Steven_Royalty_. While you’re over there take a look at the SportingCharts Official Twitter as well. Come back tomorrow as I have analysis for you every single day. Cheers!

FanDuel is hosting their $250,000 Saturday NBA Slam tournament where the winner takes home $25,000! Entry fee is just $25! Join FanDuel! Use the following projections to build a winning lineup!


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