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NBA Daily Fantasy Value and Projection Guide - March 02, 2015

It was a great day of basketball yesterday in the NBA. Let's get right into Monday's slate of games...

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Toronto Raptors @ Philadelphia 76ers

Kyle Lowry’s Backups

Maybe not his backup per se, but James Johnson, Lou Williams and Greivis Vasquez all shared in getting the available minutes due to Lowry’s absence. He is expected to miss again tonight so we can expect a similar, if not better, performance for each of them against Philly.

Nerlens Noel | PF | DK: $6.2k | FD: $6.8k

He’s done a great job of rebounding and defending as of late. Good thing too considering that’s why he was drafted. Toronto’s interior isn’t very intimidating but they are primarily a jump shooting team which could limit his block count. Pay that no mind however as Covington’s injury could mean additional minutes and usage for Nerlens. Keep an eye on his status, but Noel is a solid choice even with Covington active.

Golden State Warriors @ Brooklyn Nets

Draymond Green | PF/SF | DK: $6.8k | FD: $7.3k

Steph and Klay are good but too inconsistent for me to suggest them. Draymond has been one of the more consistent players in the NBA this season and it’s shown lately. He’s poised to take advantage of Brooklyn’s soft interior and post another 6x game.

Mason Plumlee | C | DK: $4.3k | FD: $5.4k

This pick may come as a surprise to many of you. I myself am still not fully confident in this selection, but I’m running with it anyways. His minutes are trending upwards as he’s leaps and bounds better defensively than Brook Lopez. Thad Young can certainly play more minutes than Garnett, but until this trend cuts back I’ll be expecting 25-30 for Plumlee. No it’s not an ideal matchup but he could pull down a ton of boards in this one. On DraftKings he’s worth pocket change which merits a strong consideration.

Phoenix Suns @ Miami Heat

Luol Deng | SF | DK: $6k | FD: $6.4k

Despite getting a ton of minutes as usual, Deng took very few shots against the Hawks. That’s sure to change against the Suns, a team that likes to play faster and shoot more often. Their defense isn’t nearly as stingy either. People are likely to move away from Deng given his last performance.

Marcus Morris | PF | DK: $4k | FD: $4k

Yes, I said Marcus not Markieff. He’s hitting at or above 5x his salary a lot lately. As a result he’s finding more minutes. With Knight potentially missing tonight’s game, there are a few extra minutes to throw around. I like him to hit between 20 and 25 points making for a great cash play. 

Los Angeles Clippers @ Minnesota Timberwolves

Ricky Rubio | PG | DK: $7.6k | FD: $7.5k

After a long debate of who I’d rather have – CP3 or Rubio, Ricky was my answer. The short of it is this; both of these guys could hit in the low to mid 40s. I actually only have CP3 projected about 6 FP higher than Rubio. That isn’t worth spending over $2k more for. Both players are very similar in that they rely on their defense and ability to create looks for their teammates. CP3 is a fantastic scorer in comparison, but his teammates should have far less trouble than he in scoring tonight.

DeAndre Jordan | C | DK: $8.9k | FD: $9.7k

His price on DraftKings surprises me a little. After a couple of 50 burgers I expected them to bring him up to around $9500. DJ is sort of a no brainer at this point. As long as Griffin is out he’ll have nearly every defensive board come within reach. His floor is in the upper 30s and his ceiling, against a team like Minnesota, is potentially in the 60s.

New Orleans Pelicans @ Dallas Mavericks

Eric Gordon | SG | DK: $6k | FD: $6.3k

I expect most other Pelicans to have difficult scoring. At the very least, a bit more difficulty than Gordon will find against Ellis. He’s become more than just a scorer to help the Pelicans replace Anthony Davis. Dallas is one of the best scoring teams in the NBA. NO will need his shot to keep them close.

Chandler Parsons | SF | DK: $5.7k | FD: $6.2k

He’s expected to play and I don’t think Carlisle will impose a minutes restriction. They’ve kept him out this long so why rush him back? If he’s active it means he’s 100%. NO has struggled to find a consistent producer at the SF position and nobody on their roster, aside from Tyreke, can defend that area very well. Dallas has missed Parsons’ ability to spread the floor. This will help the entire team, leading to plenty of opportunities for Chandler.

Thanks for reading, folks! Be sure to come say hi over on Twitter, @Steven_Royalty_. While you’re over there take a look at the SportingCharts Official Twitter as well. Come back tomorrow as I have analysis for you every single day. Cheers!

FanDuel is hosting their $275,000 Monday NBA Monster tournament where the winner takes home $20,000! Entry fee is just $25! Join FanDuel! Use the following projections to build a winning lineup!


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