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NBA Daily Value and Projection Guide - January 24, 2015

A little late today guys so I apologize! There’s been plenty of college ball on today so I hope that held you over. Don’t forget to check out the X Games if that’s your style!

I was pretty upset that I didn’t get to watch Klay Thompson’s historic performance last night. I saw some discussion surrounding the best backcourt in NBA history and a number of people agreed that Curry/Thompson may be the best duo there’s ever been. I can’t really argue with that. Both are amazing shooters, distributors and defenders. I’m not old enough to remember the Jordan/Pippen days, so the Warriors are the most entertaining basketball team I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching.

Not many games on today’s slate, but that doesn’t keep us from grinding! Come follow me on Twitter. I post live updates and answer all of your questions!

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New York Knicks @ Charlotte Hornets

There are a couple of injuries to account for in this one. Jose Calderon is NOT going to play. If you weren’t already locking in Langston Galloway go ahead and do so now. He will get all of the minutes he can handle. I’m not a thrill seeker but if that’s you then consider Shane Larkin. He shot 55% from the field against Charlotte just over a week ago, but I’m fading him.

Carmelo Anthony is questionable. If you are a Reddit user, I will update my post on the daily thread if new information arises. Regardless of his health I am fading him. After logging 42 minutes yesterday and 40 Wednesday, I don’t believe he’ll get more than 30 in this one. He also draws the worst matchup of anyone in this game. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist is a fantastic defender, so I’m looking elsewhere.

Speaking of MKG, I like him specifically for cash games. If Melo happens to sit and someone like Acy draws the start, I might throw him in a GPP lineup. His minutes like to jump up and down but against NY he doesn’t need many to hit value.

If Melo sits I like Quincy Acy to pick up the slack. Again, I will make the necessary updates when more information is released. I also like Louis Amundson for a punt at PF.

Kemba Walker has been disappointing in his return to say the least. However, I’m not fading him. In fact I like him quite a bit. The Knicks are certainly a team to help any struggling player escape their slump. With Calderon out, Kemba should destroy Galloway, Larkin and Prigioni. I’m not entirely sure where I stand on his cash game value, but he’s definitely going into a few GPP lineups.

Al Jefferson is probably the most difficult player in this game to analyze, next to Kemba. It’s difficult to predict how many minutes he’s going to get. His most recent game is promising, however, given that he locked in a double-double in only 24 minutes of playing time. I doubt the Hornets will need him on the court that often today but he does have a favorable matchup. Because of value elsewhere at C, I’m likely fading him but he could make a decent GPP play.

Cole Aldrich is still an ugly option. Lance Stephenson and Gerald Henderson are battling for minutes. I think Lance is going to win that fight but until the victor is determined I’m fading them both for cash games. I may take Lance in a GPP.

Tim Hardaway Jr. has been consistently hitting under value but he deserves a look today. He could see a small spike in minutes with Calderon out and he has a good matchup. Not a terrible option for cash games since he will hit 4.5X value with 6X upside. If Melo is out as well, I’m locking him in.

If you’re looking for a high risk high reward play with low ownership, look no further than Bismack Biyombo. I think he plays near 30 minutes tonight and pulls down 10+ boards.

Jason Smith is a perfect cash game play if you're not wanting to pay up at the PF slot tonight. 

Detroit Pistons @ Milwaukee Bucks

I’m scared to take either of these point guards. Brandon Jennings struggles against strong defensive backcourts. That may seem obvious, but he really struggles. It was fun watching him drop a ridiculous 21 assists against the Magic but it’s not happening here. I don’t even like him all that much for a GPP lineup.

Brandon Knight is a better option but still not very desirable. He’s less streaky than Jennings as he’s a better rebounder and thief. He doesn’t make for a terrible option in cash games with his floor sitting right at 4X. However I’d much rather take him in a GPP if at all. With Jennings averaging 3 TO/game in his last 4 contests, Knight could benefit from the additional steals.

Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe are looking like one of the best frontcourts in the NBA right now. Something must have gotten into Andre as he’s strung together some nice games after hitting a slump. I like him a lot in this contest even for cash games. I may even pair him with Monroe and hope for OT. I understand that on paper the matchup doesn’t look great, but both guys have size and strength advantages over Zaza Pachulia, Ersan Ilysova and Johnny O’Bryant III. Monroe is the better cash play, Drummond better for GPP.

Zaza Pachulia deserves a glance for your cash lineups. Again, on paper this matchup looks to favor the Bucks but that isn’t really what recent history is telling us. The Drummond/Monroe duo have pulled down 90 rebounds in their last 3 games. They’ve also logged 9 steals and 8 blocks. Zaza’s usage worries me, so I’m fading him in GPPs. In fact I’ll probably fade him everywhere.

Giannis Antetokounmpo is a great play tonight. He draws a fantastic matchup as either Kentavious Caldwell-Pope or Jodie Meeks will be guarding him. After his price plummeted, on DK to be specific, he became a great cash game option. I suggest throwing him in a couple of lineups. I may even sneak him into a GPP.

Khris Middleton is less desirable now than he was a few games ago so I’m fading although not the worst play on the board. O.J. Mayo is great for cash games, he’s hit 5X+ in 6 straight games.

KCP, Ilyasova and Meeks are all good punts for GPP. I listed them in the order that I like them tonight and I will probably fit one or two into a couple of lineups. 

Philadelphia 76ers @ Memphis Grizzlies

This game has the largest spread of the night so be careful when selecting ANY starters from this contest, specifically those in Grizzlies uniforms. It’s a bit disappointing as there’s a ton of value in this game alone, but we should practice caution. Keep your eye out for scratches.

All of that having been said, Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph don’t need all that much time to hit value. Especially if they’re facing a team that struggles to put the ball into the hoop. I’m considering both of them tonight. I’ll remind you that they’re a bit risky, but I suspect they will both bottom out around 4X their price. You could do a lot worse.

Mike Conley is a guy that I’m having trouble getting my head around. His ankles worry me therefore so do his minutes. He had a fantastic game against the 76ers earlier in the year but he did so in 42 minutes of playing time. There is far too much risk here for a cash play, but if you want to sneak him into a GPP lineup I won’t tell on you. I wouldn’t do it myself but hey, to each his own.

I may be going against the grain with this one but I like Michael Carter-Williams tonight. Not for cash games, no, but I’m playing him in quite a few GPPs. The 76ers don’t really have good matchups anywhere else on the court and Conley has been slacking off on defense. Whether it’s the ankles or the safety he feels he has behind him, it’s not really important. The important thing is that MCW will need to score in this one and I think he can do that. If you play him, pair him with at least one high floor guy.

I’m probably not going to play Nerlens Noel tonight. Noel typically gets the nod at C when he’s healthy. He doesn’t match up well with Gasol and I doubt he finds many rebounds down low. I realize he has upside but the matchup scares me away. Robert Covington relies a bit more on scoring than he does rebounding so I’m not immediately fading him. Like MCW he will need to put points on the board if the 76ers want to keep it close. I like him for cash games and GPPs alike.

Jeff Green snuck into the lineup against Toronto but not much came of it. He didn’t see a bump in minutes and his production took a huge hit as he only took 6 shots. I don’t think we should be jumping ship yet though. He has a good matchup tonight and shouldn’t have much of an issue with Philly’s defense.

Courtney Lee moved to the bench to make way for Green. He, like Green, didn’t really see a change in playing time. I like Lee a lot tonight for a SG punt. He’s a bit cheaper than my next best option in O.J. Mayo.

K.J. McDaniels played a bit better in his last game against Toronto. It looks like he’s emerged from his shooting slump, at least for the time being. Until I see him string together a couple of nice games from the field, I’m fading for cash games. He does make a good GPP play tonight though.

Brooklyn Nets @ Utah Jazz

It looks like Dante Exum will draw the start again over Trey Burke. This makes Exum a prime target for a PG punt. If you’re playing on FanDuel I wouldn’t say no to a Galloway/Exum lineup. It is risky though. He isn’t a very good shooter and with Favors back in the lineup, his usage may drop. But his assist count may rise. I’m fading Burke, consider Exum for GPP if you really need to go cheap.

I’m not sure what to make of the interior situation for the Jazz. Rudy Gobert, Enes Kanter and Derrick Favors are all valuable guys. I’m beginning to favor Kanter the most out of the group. He has range, stamina and size. The only thing he lacks that the other guys have is defensive prowess. So I’ll cut to the chase. I like Favors a lot in this one. A fresh set of legs drawing a great matchup, oh yeah. Good for cash or GPP although I’d prefer the former. Kanter comes next as he’s going to draw the start. Mason Plumlee has his ups and down but he can rebound and he can run the floor. I’m not entirely sure if I want to rely on Kanter for cash games but he may find himself in a couple anyways. Gobert, for me, is a GPP play only.

I mentioned Plumlee above. His price is dropping but I’m fading him. I think I’m going to fade Brook Lopez as well. If you want to take a shot with him in one of your tournaments then be my guest, but I’m not.

Jarret Jack could be a nice play. I don’t believe Exum is a very developed defender as of yet. With Plumlee and Lopez given nasty looking matchups he may take the scoring responsibilities upon himself. I think there are better cash game options but for a GPP I wouldn’t mind him.

Joe Johnson is a low end cash game play with limited upside and an unsavory floor. His price needs to drop a bit more before I throw him back into one of my lineups.

Cory Jefferson is going to be one of, if not THE, lowest owned player on the night. GPP gold if it hits. 

Washington Wizards @ Portland Trail Blazers

No surgery! Lamarcus Aldridge will not go through with surgery. But he really doesn’t enter a great matchup against Washington. Nene Hilario and Marcin Gortat are solid defenders and tenacious rebounders. We know LMA can stretch the floor, but the upside just doesn’t seem to be there. He’ll be wearing a splint and that’s likely to affect his shot. Then again I said the same thing about David West a few weeks back then he went on to have one of the best game on the season. With Nicolas Batum doubtful and Chris Kaman questionable, he’ll need to step it up. Honestly though, NONE of that matters because he’s priced at $6.6k on DK! So grab him! He’s going to be the highest owned player on the night and rightfully so.

I’m fading both John Wall and Damian Lillard. Neither of them are likely to hit value. Lillard doesn’t draw a good matchup. With LMA back in, he won’t need to shoulder all of the scoring either. I guess you could do worse for cash games but there is too much value at PG. Wall finally hit value but it came in OT. I’m not relying on a repeat.

If Nicolas Batum is out I’m starting Bradley Beal. Wesley Matthews would likely slide down to SF leaving one of Steve Blake, Victor Claver, C.J. McCollum or Allen Crabbe to guard him. Yes please! I’m not playing Batum regardless. Matthews definitely offers some value if he slides over to SF. I would look at him for a few cash lineups if that were the case.

If Kaman is out I’m looking at Gortat. He would have no trouble with Meyers Leonard or Thomas Robinson. Leonard would then become a great option in any format as he’d see near 30 minutes of playing time. Even with a bad matchup he’d be able to hit value.

I’m not liking Nene a lot here with LMA back in. He’s not going to be around the basket as much as he’d probably like. His high floor makes for a potential cash play but I think there are better options on the menu.

Consider Dorell Wright in Batum is out and you’re feeling sneaky.


UPDATES: Kemba Walker is OUT. This makes Brian Roberts a nice play especially on FanDuel. I'd probably rather have Galloway on DraftKings and other single PG slot sites. 

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