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Heaviest Players in the NBA

250-plus pound men lumbering down a football field is pretty common, but to see them going up and down the court for more than 80 basketball games is pretty rare.

These uncommon heavyweights defy the odds and the stereotype of the tall, lanky hoopster. We take a look at some of the heaviest players by position to hit the hardcourt in NBA history.

Heaviest Player to Play in the NBA

Thomas Hamilton
, Center, 330 pounds

The undrafted Chicago native signed with the Boston Celtics in the 1995-1996 season after being waived by the Toronto Raptors, but never started a game and appeared in just 11. Hamilton was a whopping 7 feet, 2 inches and 330 pounds. Hamilton, despite no college basketball experience got another stint with the Houston Rockets, starting in seven games and putting up 82 points in 22 games. The Rockets ultimitely waived him midway through the season in January 2000, ending his microsized NBA career that earned him a spot as the heaviest NBAer ever.

Heaviest NBA Players By Position

John Williams,
Power Forward, 295 pounds

John “Hot Plate” Williams’ weight varies depending on the season, but in 1990 has him down at 295 pounds. Drafted by the Washington Bullets 12th overall in the 1986 draft, Williams had career years, coming off the bench mostly, and appearing in all 82 games on route to 1000-plus point seasons in 1987-1988 and 1988-1989.  Injuries started to plague the big bench man and he steadily began to miss games. Stints with the Los Angeles Clippers and finally the Indiana Pacers capped an 8-year NBA career where he amassed 4,406 points and appeared in 435 games.

Glen Davis, Forward-Center, 295 pounds
A second round draft pick of the Seattle SuperSonics in 2007, Davis ended up debuting with the Boston Celtics after being traded. Davis continues his career after four seasons with Boston with the Orlando Magic after a trade in December 2011. He’s scored more than 2,400 points in his 6-year career thus far and has started in 57 games.

Metta World Peace, Guard-Forward, 260 pounds
Known more for some of his on-court fisticuffs and an interesting legal name change, the man formerly known as Ron Artest isn’t a little guy. At over two and a half bills, Metta World Peace has used his size to be a defensive juggernaut on the court, including a 2004 defensive player of the year award. Peace has five 1,000-plus point seasons and will get more than 4,000 total rebounds by the time he’s done playing. The Chicago Bulls draft pick is now in his 14th season after time with the Bulls, Pacers, Kings, Rockets, plays for the LA Lakers.

Rodney McCray, Small Forward, 248 pounds
The third overall draft pick of the Houston Rockets in the 1983 draft lasted 10 years in the NBA, including his first five with the Rockets. McCray played the most minutes of any NBA player in 1989-1990. The highly durable McCray out of the University of Louisville played more than 60 games in every single one of his seasons, amassing 9,014 points.

Vincent Askew, Shooting Guard, 235 pounds
Askew was a second round pick out of Memphis for the Philadelphia 76ers. It took him a couple season to finally break into the NBA regularly with the Golden State Warriors. His best seasons came in 1993-1994 and 1994-1995 with the Seattle SuperSonics putting up more than 700 points in both years. He bounced around with eight different teams, retiring from the NBA in 1998.

Charles Jenkins, Point Guard, 220 pounds
A recent second round pick of the Golden State Warriors, Jenkins is still finding his way in professional basketball ranks. He’s played in 62 games and scored 320 points to date. Jenkins played college ball at Hofstra. It marked the first time in 11 years the school had a player drafted.

Name Position Seasons Height Weight Birth Date Drafted by
Thomas Hamilton Center 1995, 1999 7' 2" 330 4/3/1975 Undrafted
John Williams Power Forward 1990 6' 9" 295 10/26/1966 Washington Bulletts
Glen Davis Forward-Center 2007 - 2010 6' 9" 295 1/1/1986 Seattle SuperSonics
Metta World Peace Guard-Forward 1999 - 2011 6' 7" 260 11/13/1979 Chicago Bulls
Rodney McCray Small Forward 1990 - 1992 6' 8" 248 8/29/1961 Houston Rockets
Vincent Askew Shooting Guard 1990 - 1996 6' 6" 235 2/28/1966 Philadelphia 76ers
Charles Jenkins Point Guard 2011 - 2012 6' 3" 220 2/28/1989 Golden State Warriors


The 300 Pound and Up Club

Since 1990, a total of 13 players have played in the NBA at more than 300 pounds including legends like Yao Min, Shaquille O'Neal and the tallest NBA player of all-time Gheorghe Muresan.

Player  Weight
Thomas Hamilton 330
Priest Lauderdale 325
Oliver Miller 325
Shaquille O'Neal 325
Kevin Duckworth 320
Garth Joseph 315
Mengke Bateer 310
Yao Ming 310
Dexter Pittman 308
James Lang 305
Ha Seung-Jin 305
Garret Siler 304
Gheorghe Muresan 303


For the 2012 season, here are the heaviest players:

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