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Top 25 Most Free Throw Attempts in a Single Game

In honor of Dwight Howard's 39 free throw attempts against his old team the Orlando Magic we decided to take a look at single game free throw performances since 1990.

With his 39 attempts (and 25 made) he tied his own NBA record for most attempts, and set a new NBA record for most free throws made in a single game. Post game he was quoted as saying "I was happy I was able to face my fears at the free-throw line...the best thing for me, to come in here and really learn how to block a lot of stuff out".

By now most of us are aware of the "Hack-a-Shaq" strategy (also known as Hack-a-Dwight) where a team defense intentionally fouls the offensive player on the court with the lowest free throw percentage. It stops the clock, and increases its own team's number of offensive possessions.

Below we compiled the list of players from the past couple decades that were targeted with fouls, and as a result had an abnormally high number of free throw attempts.

The average NBA free throw percentage for a given season is typically around 75%, so you can see by the Top 25 list why some of those players were targeted.  On the other hand, it isn't always "hacked" players that see an abnomally large number of attempts from the line, players like Kobe Bryant hit the list because of their exceptional ball control and often driving to the net.

Here's the all time list for most free throws in a complete season, Karl Malone and David Robinson are the only two players with an above average FT %.

Dwight's record performance:


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