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Balanced Passing Attack - Comparing Touchdown Receptions for the Seahawks vs 49ers

One thing that jumped out at me while looking at the NFC Championship this weekend is the difference in touchdown catches between the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers.  

Both teams are better known for their defensive play as opposed to offense, but I did find it a little crazy how important Vernon Davis is to the 49ers passing game, especially in the red zone.  Even in their two playoff games against the Packers and Panthers, Davis is still the only 49er to catch a touchdown pass in the postseason.  In the regular season Davis caught 61.9% of the 49ers touchdowns - crazy!

In fact, in Colin Kaepernick's short career he's only thrown touchdown passes to 6 different players, here are his stats for this season:

Then compare to the Seahawks, who have been without Percy Harvin (arguably their best wide receiver) for most of the season.  Russell Wilson and the offense have done a great job of spreading the ball around during the season, and giving the quarterback options in the red zone.

The one caveat with the 49ers is that they have been missing Michael Crabtree for a good portion of the regular season (he played 5 games). Crabtree's numbers haven't been great in the playoffs, but his presence freed up Anquan Boldin for a big day last week. It'll be an interesting day for the Seattle Seahawks. If they shut down Boldin it could unleash Crabtree. Shut down Crabtree, they go back to Boldin. Clamp down on both receivers and it could be a big day for Vernon Davis.


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