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Best Quarterback of the 1990s - Young, Favre, Aikman, or Elway?

They all won Super Bowls in the 1990s, they are all current or future Hall of Famers, but who was the best of the bunch in the 1990s?

We compare Steve Young vs. Brett Favre vs. Troy Aikman vs. John Elway starting with their respective Quarterback Rating:

Best Performer: Steve Young


Next we compare their Yards per attempt to determine who had more true passes down-field (as opposed to dump offs):

Best Performer: Steve Young


Lastly, we compare each quarterback's ability to connect in the endzone:

Best Performers: Brett Favre & Steve Young

Hard to believe that Steve Young wasn't a starter during his first 7 years in the NFL, and even more impressive is that he was only able to play a full season a mere 3 times during his 15 year career, but he managed to put together an incredible career.


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