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Rushing vs Passing: Comparing Brady, Manning, Kaepernick, and Wilson

As we prepare ourselves for the NFC and AFC Championship games this weekend I thought it would be fun to compare the 4 quarterbacks.  In particular the strengths and differences (we already know) that set them apart.

Cumulative Rushing Yards
Tom Brady and Peyton Manning have never been known to be fleet on their feet, but it is a little hard to believe that the two quarterbacks have combined for NEGATIVE 13 yards rushing for the entire regular season.  Compare that to Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick at the opposite end of the spectrum with a combined 1,063 total yards rushing.

Cumulative Passing Yards
What Brady and Manning lack in their dual threat ability they more than make up in their ability to air the ball out.  The two combined for 9,820 passing yards this season, compare that to Kaepernick and Wilson who combined for 6,554 passing yards in the 2013 regular season.

Cumulative Sacks Allowed
Pressuring the quarterback is the trademark of any good NFL defense, the chart below shows the cumulative sacks allowed for each quarterback.   The chart says more about Peyton Manning and the Broncos offensive line than anything else as he's averaged 1.1 sacks against per game.

Enjoy the games this weekend, we have two true pocket passers and two dual threat quarterbacks playing each other.  Luckily we'll have to wait until the Super Bowl to see which style will take home the Vince Lombardi Trophy

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