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Comparing Eli Manning to the Worst Interception Rate Seasons

The struggles of the New York Giants and quarterback Eli Manning have been well documented so far this year.  We decided to take it a step further and see how bad the two-time Super Bowl MVP winner has been, by comparing him to historically bad quarterback seasons.

The grid below shows the Top 20 worst "Interception per Game" rates since 1990.  The qualifier is a minimum of 200 passing attempts to eliminate one game wonders.  Through Week 6, Eli Manning takes the cake as the worst interception rate we've seen, should be interesting to see where he ends the season.

On a side note, Matt Schaub has managed to hit the Top 10 with his performance so far this season, buoyed by a 3 interception performance in Week 5 against the San Francisco 49ers.

...and if you have 7 minutes of spare time, feel free to reminise yourself with all of Manning's 25 interceptions from the 2011 season.

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