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Comparing Quarterback Charts: Joe Flacco vs. Aaron Rodgers

By now most of us have heard about Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco and his new deal for $120.6 million over 6 years.  Of course in the NFL contracts aren't nessesarily sure money, so it's important to note that only $30 million of that is guaranteed (with an additional $22 million guaranteed if he's injured).

Since the Flacco deal there's been wide speculation on whether the Green Bay Packers will (or should) offer an extension to quarterback Aaron Rodgers whose six-year deal in 2008 was worth $65 million, and expires in two more seasons.  Without an extension the Packers are getting a steal of a deal as he's set to earn $9.75 million in 2013 and $11 million in 2014.  But offering an extension on a long term deal with two years remaining isn't how the Green Bay front office typically goes about things.

Will Aaron Rodgers eclipse the $120 million total compensation mark, or the $20 million per season mark first set by Drew Brees in 2012?  The answer is most likely yes, but for interest sake we decided to take a look at how close Joe Flacco and Aaron Rodgers' performances actually were since both were annointed the starting job in 2008. 

1) Super Bowls

Joe Flacco: 1
Aaron Rodgers: 1

2) Record as a Starter

Joe Flacco: 63-30 (67.7%)
Aaron Rodgers: 57-29 (66.3%)

3) Quarterback Rating

4) Completion Percentage

5) Touchdowns vs Interceptions

6) Passing Yards per Attempt


Granted the Ravens have historically run a more balanced offense, if we look back over the last 5 seasons the Ravens have closed the gap in terms of "% of passing plays", meaning their reliance on Flacco is becoming more and more important


On every level Rodgers deserves to be the highest paid player in the NFL.  He's entering the prime of his career at 29 years old, statistically he's one of the all-time best, he's already won an MVP and Super Bowl.  Perhaps most important of all is where the Packers organization would be without him, they have virtually no depth at the quarterback position.

Ultimately it's up to the Packers as to when they will pay Rodgers what he deserves, but one thing is for certain, waiting for another statistically lesser quarterback sign another blockbuster deal isn't going to work in their favor.

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