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Comparing Trent Richardson vs Top Rookie Rushing Seasons

The blockbuster trade of the 2013 season is the Cleveland Browns trading running back Trent Richardson to the Indianapolis Colts in exchange for a first round draft pick.  Initial reaction is that this is the Browns throwing in the towel for the season, especially given their injury situation at quarterback (Brian Hoyer starting Week 3).  

There's going to be a lot of people saying that this is a great deal for the Colts, they have a budding starting quarterback in Andrew Luck, and a Top 3 rookie rusher in Richardson to accompany him.  No disagreement here, but I decided to pull the best rookie rushing seasons since the year 2000 and see where Richardson's 2012 campaign ended.

Note: This is ranked by rush yards per game, with a minimum of 100 rush attempts in a rookie season

We had to go to the Top 25 to see Richardson's name, but there's no doubt that he's a bruising running back.  A couple things to think about if you're a Colts fan:

  • What is his durability given his hard running style?
  • Does a stronger passing game with the Colts create more room to rush?
  • He is a very strong pass blocker
  • Three yards per carry is not an elite runningback in the NFL

Time will tell who won this trade, the Colts may have won today, but longer term the Browns are loaded with draft picks, 10 total for the 2014 NFL Draft, including 2 in the first round. New Browns general manager Michael Lombardi often critisized the Browns  as an analyst on NFL Network, both him and Browns CEO Joe Banner could live and die by the 2014 draft and the franchise quarterback they presumably will look to take.

What do you think of the trade? Let us know below!


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