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Declining Ability, Old, and a 'Headache' - Dolphins were lucky to end the Chad Johnson experiment

By now we've all heard of the alleged undoings of wide receiver Chad (Ochocinco) Johnson of the Miami Dolphins, and that he's been cut from the football team.

Hindsight is a beautiful thing, especially for sports writers and critics (guilty as charged.)

At the beginning of training camp it seemed as if Chad Johnson had his head in the right spot again and was more focused on playing football instead of all the off field antics.  We won't know for some time how things will settle out for him with his off field issues, but on the field his statistical trends show that he was destined for another underperforming season.

He didn't see the field as much last year, but the overall trend remains the same:

Even with Tom Brady, one of the most prolific and accurate quarterbacks throwing to him his ability to get open and catch passes thrown to him was declining.


We'll never know what could have been in Miami, but with a rookie quarterback and his production numbers falling substantially over the last 4 seasons it was destined not to end up good.

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