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Demaryius Thomas: Is Another Breakout Season Coming?

In our continuing look at players for the upcoming 2013 NFL Season, we've landed on Demaryius Thomas of the Denver Broncos.  He had his 'first' breakout season last year, but there is more evidence that this year could be another 'breakout' year for the 4th year wide receiver out of Georgia Tech.  At 6'3" and 235lbs he's the prototypical wide receiver in the NFL. Take a look at all his player charts, every thing is headed in the right direction.

For fantasy football people, the issue is how can Peyton Manning possibly spread the football around enough to appease the likes of Thomas, Wes Welker, and Eric Decker? It's a new predicament for the Broncos who have historically been known as a rushing team under Mike Shanahan.

The upgrade at quarterback last year is obvious, Peyton Manning is the best QB the Broncos have had throwing the ball (sorry John Elway fans).  Thomas followed through last year and delivered, but we think next year could be even better. For starters, Thomas had a top 10 season in Yards per Reception (since 1990 with at least 90 catches in a season).  

I'm not trying to manipulate the numbers, but 90 catches was the level where Demaryius did crack the Top 10 (he was still in the top 20 as we lowered Rec).  It was also the company that is uncanny.  The top receivers with these stats are the like's of Jerry Rice, Calvin Johnson, Michael Irvin, Rod Smith, etc.

It's only one season, and he did have an elite quarterback throwing him the ball, but his 2012 stats on an efficiency basis ranked amongst the best in the league when limiting players with fewer than 5 passes per game.

Despite giving the top position on yards per reception away, Demaryius Thomas did capture the number one position of yards after the catch, a statistic that highlights what the receiver is able to do after the catch.

It's no secret that the Broncos have a lot to look forward to this season barring injury. Last year has been their best passing yards per game since 1990 (again, sorry Elway):

Most things on the offensive side of the ball continue to look rosy for the Denver Broncos this season. Look nowhere else but Las Vegas to see that they're a favorite to win it all this year.  Team aside, if Demaryius Thomas can overcome new Broncos WR 'Wes Welker' and his involvement, his production and efficiency numbers put him among the league's best....another step forward could put him into elite territory.


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