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Fantasy Football Preview: The Top 5 Quarterbacks

In this installment of our NFL fantasy preview for the 2014 season we take a look at the Top Quarterbacks as determined by (a site that I use religously).  The usual 3 suspects are up there, Manning, Brees, and Rodgers.  What might surprise you is Andrew Luck and Matthew Stafford round out the top 5. 

As we all know, drafting a quarterback can make or break your fantasy season.  You can't predict injuries (ie. Aaron Rodgers last year) but it is crucial to know a few things about your league.  Make sure you understand the scoring, for example a league that I'm in gives QB points for completed passes (and negative for incomplete passes).  Therefore QBs who are highly accurate can rack up more points than one who puts up a lot of yards.

It's also important to know how many people are in your league, there are generally only a few elite QBs, followed by 5-7 consistent ones...after that it's a crapshoot and you're rotating multiple guys based on their perceived matchup strength/weakness.  Here is a visual tour through the top 5 quarterbacks, which can be helpful in seeing their average over the last few seasons and what it takes to have a breakout season at the quarterback position.

Chart: Fantasy Points per Game (using standard scoring)
The standard scoring for the quarterback position emphasizes passing yards, touchdowns, and interceptions.  Almost 8 points per game difference between the #1 ranked and #5.

Average Passing Attempts per Game

Ultimately completions lead to yards, and eventually touchdowns. Depending on your league scoring, make sure you understand what statistic is most important in drafting a quarterback.  But in fantasy, you want a quarterback that gets ample opportunity to air the ball out.  It can sometimes be a curse to select a quarterback on a successful team...but they have a balanced pass/running game

Completion %
The big 3 have almost a 10% better completion rate than Andrew Luck and Matthew Stafford. 

Touchdown to Interception Ratio
Obviously the higher the number the better, interestingly Aaron Rodgers 2011 season still stands out as one of the best statistical seasons we've ever seen.

300+ Yard Passing Games
It's worth noting that Aaron Rodgers missed 7 games in 2013, and 2012 was technically Andrew Luck's rookie season.

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