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Is Randall Cobb the next Great Packers Receiver?

Since the torch was forced from Brett Favre to Aaron Rodgers after the 2007 season, it's been a pretty good run for Packers fans with 4 straight playoff births and an NFL championship since the 2009 season.  

Since winning the Super Bowl in the 2010 season there hasn't been much drama or headlines out of Titletown, until this offseason:

  • The Packers parted ways with cornerstones of their Super Bowl team in Charles Woodson and Greg Jennings.
  • They drafted two highly touted running backs in Eddie Lacy (6.5 yards per carry) and Jonathan Franklin (6.1 yards per carry).
  • Signed franchise QB Aaron Rodgers to a 5-year $110 million contract extension.

But one of the biggest bright spots with the Packers organization is the emergence of wide receiver Randall Cobb, entering his 3rd year as a pro, and is still only 22 years old.  There are plenty of reports and quotes from Rodgers that Cobb is going to be an elite player in 2013 especially with the departure of Greg Jennings.

We decided to take a look back at the best Green Bay wide receivers since 1990 and compare their early years with the first two seasons of Randall Cobb. The most notable from 1990 to today are:


We used 'Receiving yards per game' to equalize everyone's stats for time missed due to injury.  Here are some interesting comparisons:

  • Cobb's 25 receiving yards per game in his rookie season was 2nd only to Sterling Sharpe's 1988 season where he averaged 49yds/gm.
  • Cobb's 2012 sophomore year was 4th, behind Sharpe (1989 was 88yds/gm), Freeman, and Jennings.  But considering the receiving weapons last year, very respectable 64 yards per game.

Overall a very solid two year campaign by Cobb, but another interesting statistic is his ability to catch balls thrown his way.  Granted he has one of the best in Aaron Rodgers throwing him the ball, but his speed, ability to get open, and lack of drops gave him the 2nd best percentage of catches thrown his direction.

Overall things are looking very rosy for the 22 year old Cobb for his 2013 campaign, and while fantasy football owners should be excited to see more focus on his offensive are probably hoping that he still sees some time returning the football.


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