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Jets Quarterback Competition: Comparing Sanchez, Garrard, and Tebow

Since signing free agent veteran quarterback David Garrard, New York Jets coach Rex Ryan has come out publicly and said that Mark Sanchez might not be the starting quarterback come this September.

We decided to take a look at the Jets options at Quarterback, certainly Sanchez has had it easy the last several seasons without anyone to challenge him for the starting job.

David Garrad did not become the starter for the Jacksonville Jaguars until 2006, so we didn't include his years backing up Byron Leftwich.  But what's remarkable is that Garrard literally hasn't thrown a pass in the last two seasons while battling back and knee surgeries.

Without further ado, Jets fans here's what you have to look forward to:

Average Passing Yards per Game

Touchdown to Interception Ratio

Completion Percentage

Last but not least, Quarterback Rating

Statistically speaking, Garrard's numbers are far better than Sanchez, but can he return to a (relatively) high level after two years of being inactive?  And will Tim Tebow, who is technically still on the roster, even be around to participate in the competition?

Let the competition begin Jets fans!

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