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Peyton Manning Milestone Watch - 2013 NFL Season

There is zero doubt that Peyton Manning is a Hall of Fame quarterback and he is in the debate of greatest quarterback of all-time. The 2013 NFL season is another season in which he can further cement his position in the record books with a few key milestones.

We take a look at a few milestones he is likely to top this season.

Circle Your Calendar

  • Week 2 - Peyton Manning will likely reach 60,000 career passing yards
  • Week 6 - Peyton Manning will likely reach 450 career passing touchdowns
  • Week 7 - Peyton Manning will likely pass Dan Marino at 61,361 passing yards for 2nd all-time

60,000 Passing Yards

Watch out for Peyton Manning in Week 2, where he will likely become just the 3rd player in NFL history to reach 60,000 career passing yards as prior to the season he sits just 513 yards back. 

Of the top 10 passers of all-time (in terms of passing yards), Peyton Manning has the second highest yards per game at 265.6 - Drew Brees is the most productive at 270.1 yards per game.

Peyton has never thrown for over 500 yards in a game - however, his brother Eli Manning is one of just 14 QBs to have reached 500 yards (510) in a game - so it’s far more likely and fitting that he reaches it in Week 2 when he faces off against his brother in New York.

Dan Marino’s 61,361 Passing Yards

Manning sits 3rd on the all-time passing yards list with 59,487 yards behind Dan Marino (61,361) and Brett Favre (71,838). Reaching Favre is out of reach for the next few seasons (he’d likely hit it in the last weeks of the 2015 season) but we should see Manning pass Marino.

Of his 14 playing seasons, Manning has reached 4,000 yards in 12 of those seasons with his two biggest passing seasons coming in 2010 (4,700) and 2012 (4,659).

As Manning is just 1,874 passing yards short of Dan Marino and has averaged 265.6 passing yards per game we can target Weeks 6-8 as a likely time for this to occur - W6: vs. Jaguars, W7: @ Colts and W8: vs. Redskins. It would be fitting for Peyton to pass Marino in Indianapolis where he spent the vast majority of his career.

450 Touchdowns

Among active quarterbacks, Peyton Manning leads all passers in career touchdowns at 436 just 14 shy of reaching 450 touchdowns, which has only been done once in NFL history - Favre has 508 TDs.

It will be impossible for Manning to reach Favre this year in career touchdowns - likely to happen in first few weeks of the 2015 season - but with just 14 to go he is likely to reach 450.

Manning has averaged 2-2.3 touchdowns per game over the last three playing seasons, which would target Week 6-7 as a likely point for him to reach 450 touchdowns.

On The Horizon

The next few seasons for Peyton will define where he ends up in the record books with him having the ability to top Brett Favre’s numbers in passing yards, touchdowns and wins. 

Manning is at 154 career wins, which is 32 less than Favre (186). The good news for Manning is that the last time he had less than 10 wins in a season was in 2001 with a peak of 14 wins during the 2009 season - if he can average 11 wins per season over the next three he will break the record at the end of the 2015 NFL season.

Assuming Manning stays healthy and he stays on track with his performance, the 2015 NFL season is shaping up to be an amazing one for Manning. But he still has some work to do in 2013.


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