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Purchase Price of Each NFL Franchise

There is no question that the business of the NFL is huge business from massive player contracts to mega TV rights contracts. If fact, according to Forbes, the total value of all NFL franchises is $37.44 billion, which is an average of $1.17 billion per team (as of Aug. 2013).

For those wondering, the Dallas Cowboys lead the way with an estimated value of $2.3 billion while the Oakland Raiders are the lowest valued team at $825 million.

Clearly, owning an NFL franchise has been nothing but beneficial to the net worths of the owners. But which owners got in the earliest and paid the least, and who has paid the most for an NFL franchise?

We take a look at the current roster of NFL owners and how much they paid for their franchises:

Team Owner Purchase Price Purchase Date
Arizona Cardinals William Bidwill $50,000 1932
Atlanta Falcons Arthur Blank  $545,000,000 2002
Baltimore Ravens Stephen Bisciotti  $600,000,000 2004
Buffalo Bills Terry and Kim Pegula  $1,400,000,000 2014
Carolina Panthers Jerry Richardson, Carolina PSLFC  $206,000,000 1993
Chicago Bears McCaskey Family  $100 1920
Cincinnati Bengals Michael Brown  $8,000,000 1967
Cleveland Browns Jimmy Haslam  $1,000,000,000 2012
Dallas Cowboys Jerry Jones  $150,000,000 1989
Denver Broncos Patrick Bowlen  $78,000,000 1984
Detroit Lions William Clay Ford  $4,000,000 1964
Green Bay Packers Green Bay Packers, Inc.  $50 1919
Houston Texans Robert McNair  $700,000,000 1999
Indianapolis Colts James Irsay  $15,000,000 1972
Jacksonville Jaguars Shahid Khan  $770,000,000 2012
Kansas City Chiefs Lamar Hunt Family  $25,000 1960
Miami Dolphins Stephen Ross  $1,100,000,000 2008
Minnesota Vikings Zygmunt Wilf


New England Patriots Robert Kraft  $172,000,000 1994
New Orleans Saints Tom Benson  $70,000,000 1985
New York Giants John Mara/Steve Tisch  $500 1929
New York Jets Robert Wood Johnson IV  $635,000,000 2000
Oakland Raiders Mark Davis  $25,000 1966
Philadelphia Eagles Jeffrey Lurie  $185,000,000 1994
Pittsburgh Steelers Rooney Family  $2,500 1933
San Diego Chargers Spanos Family  $70,000,000 1984
San Francisco 49ers Jed York  $13,000,000 1977
Seattle Seahawks Paul Allen  $194,000,000 1997
St. Louis Rams Stanley Kroenke  $750,000,000 2010
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Glazer Family  $192,000,000 1995
Tennessee Titans Kenneth Adams Jr  $25,000 1959
Washington Redskins Daniel Snyder  $750,000,000 1999

Note: In 1991, the Mara family, who own the New York Giants, sold a 50% stake in the team to Steve Tisch for $80 million, which valued the team at $160 million at the time.

The total amount paid by current owners for each franchise is $10,207,128,150 with an average purchase price of $318,972,755. Compared to the estimated values from Forbes, there is approximately $27.2 billion of unlocked value among current owners.

The highest amount paid for an NFL franchise is $1.4 billion by Terry and Kim Pegula for the Buffalo Bills who purchased the team from the trust of Ralph C. Wilson, Jr who paid $25,000 in 1959 for the Bill franchise fee.

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