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Will Adrian Peterson be as Dominant? We Compare Running Backs after Knee Surgery

Being a physical game, injuries are a part of every NFL season.  One of the most devastating injuries in any position in football is to the knee, and that is especially true for the running back position.

In 2011 prominent running backs such as Tim Hightower, Knowshon Moreno, Rashard Mendenhall, and Jamaal Charles all went down with knee ligament injuries.  But for sure the most prominent RB making a return in 2012 post-knee reconstruction is Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings.

Will AP return to be the player prior to surgery?  Let's take a look at 4 other running backs in the last 15 years and how they performed post knee surgery.

- Terrell Davis      (1999 surgery - age 27)
- Jamal Anderson (1999 surgery - age 27)
- Edgerrin James  (2001 surgery - age 23)
- Ronnie Brown    (2007 surgery - age 26)
- Adrian Peterson (2012 surgery - age 27)

In all four cases, none were able to return to their Per-Game average prior to surgery.  Although there is one interesting thing to note, except for Adrian Peterson every other running back injured their knee in their best performing season, Peterson's best was 3 years ago.

As history shows, signs point to AP being productive, but the liklihood of returning his old self seem unlikely until he proves us otherwise

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