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Steve Smith Sr. is having a year for the ages

At the completion of Week 3 of the 2015 NFL season, here is a list of the league leading wide receivers in terms of receiving yards: 

  1. Julio Jones - 440 yards
  2. Antonio Brown - 436 yards
  3. Steve Smith Sr. - 349 yards
  4. A.J. Green - 335 yards
  5. Larry Fitzgerald - 333 yards

The name that sticks out the most, in terms of surprise, is Steve Smith Sr. who at the age of 36 is in his 15th NFL season. Over the first three weeks of the season, he is averaging 116.3 receiving yards per game, which is the highest he's ever had when compared to his past seasons. In fact, if he keeps up this pace, he will end up at 1,861 receiving yards - 298 yards more than his best season that came 11 seasons ago in 2005.

We decided to look through the stats to see how other receivers of Steve Smith Sr.'s age and older performed late into their careers. And what we found was surprising, Steve Smith Sr. is having, by far, the best WR season of anyone 36 or older in the last 26 NFL seasons.

Here is a chart that clearly illustrates how far ahead his performance is among receiver seasons of the same age or older:


As you can see in the above chart, Steve Smith Sr., at his current pace, is going to have easily the best season by any receiver has had at 36+ years old.

Here is a look at every 36+ year old WR season since 1990:

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