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Terrell Owens and his Production over the Years

Terrell Owens just signed a contract with the Seattle Seahawks for the league minimum $925,000...with no signing bonus and no guarantee.

Despite making $67 million over the course of his career it's been widely reported and admitted by Owens that he's broke.

At $925,000, if he can come close to his past production he'll be a steal for coach Pete Carroll and the Seahawks:

*Note: Owens 2005 season was cut short due to injury, only 7 games played


His receptions and touchdown catches have remained amazingly consistant...


Time will tell if he can first of all make the team, be an active contributor, and a team player.  But statistically if he can at minimum maintain the performance of his lean years, he could make quarterback Matt Flynn better and Seahawks fans optimistic about 2012.


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